Church sermon topics

— Bell Chapel United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “When Seeing Isn’t Believing.”

— Buena Vista United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “The Spirit of Truth,”

— Calvary Community Missionary Baptist Church, Steubenville: “Promise Made, Promise Kept.”

— Covenant Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “Truth is a Characteristic of the Church.”

— Empire United Methodist Church: “Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Give Us Today Our Daily Bread.”

— Finley United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “Recognition of Graduates,” morning service; “Symphony Prayer,” evening service.

— First Church of Christ, Scientist, Steubenville: “Mortals and Immortals.”

— First Christian Church, Steubenville: “Fruits of the Holy Spirit.”

— First United Methodist Church, Toronto: “The Class of 2018.”

— First Westminster Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “You Are Not Alone.”

— Harmony United Methodist Church, Mingo Junction: “Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Give Us Today Our Daily Bread.”

— Riverview United Methodist Church, Toronto: “Pentecost Power.”

— St. Mark Lutheran Church, Steubenville: “Help Wanted!”

— St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Steubenville: “A Career Move.”

— St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Steubenville: “The Holy Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth.”

— Starkdale Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “The Day of Pentecost.”

— Two Ridges Presbyterian Church, Wintersville: “Let the Spirit Fall.”

— Wintersville Baptist Temple: “What’s the Big Deal About Jerusalem?”

— Wintersville Church of Christ: “Faith Unites.”

— Wintersville United Methodist Church: “Fulfilling the Promise.”

— Zion United Church of Christ, Steubenville: “I’ve Got Bad News and Good News.”