The following divorces were recorded in Jefferson County:

Kathryn Dillon of Amsterdam from George Dillon of Toronto. Former name, Kathryn Diekmann, restored.

Amber Billingsley of Rayland from Ronald E. Billingsley of Rayland. Former name, Amber Ogden, restored.

Tracie Lynn Beals of Rayland from Robert Scott Beals Jr. of Scottsdale, Ariz. Former name, Tracie Starr, restored.

Tangee Whitlock of Bergholz from Levi Whitlock of Farmersburg, Ind. Former name, Tangee Rambis, restored.

Brenda Martin of Wintersville from James Martin of Steubenville. Former name, Brenda Risnear, restored.

Shirley Russell of Steubenville from Danny Russell of Toronto. Former name, Shirley Antill, restored.

Amanda Trippanti of Steubenville from Kevin Trippanti of Colliers. Former name, Amanda Kellar, restored.

Mary Vasconcellos of Toronto from Thomas Vasconcellos of Toronto. Former name, Mary Glasure, restored.

Steven J. Search of Wintersville from Monika L. Search of Mingo Junction. Former name, Monika Hollingsworth, restored.

Stephanie P. Ramsey of Richmond and David F. Ramsey of Richmond. Joint decree of divorce.

Shawna N. Johnson of Richmond from Damien J. Johnson of Steubenville.

Constance B. Thomaselli of Steubenville from Arthur M. Thomaselli of Colliers.

Laken Jordan of Adena and Corey A. Jordan Sr. of Adena. Joint decree of divorce.

Derek Tate of Steubenville from Franchette Tate of Las Vegas.

Scott Bremiller of Mingo Junction from Dawn Bremiller of St. Louis.

Jessica Snyder of Steubenville from Demetrious Jones of Ambridge, Pa.

Lester C. West III of Toronto from Heather M. West of South Park, Pa.

Ignacio M. Salazar Jr. of Cadiz from Stephanie D. Salazar of Jewett.