Jefferson County Fair winners

Goat show

SMITHFIELD – Jefferson County Junior Fair goat show winners have been announced.

Winners include:

– Dairy goats, senior doe kid, senior yearling, grand and reserve champion – Rachel Zimmer, Barshoe Wranglers, winner in all categories.

-Junior milker and mature milker – Zimmer.

– Aged milker – Jordan Vance, Ridge Hoppers, first and grand champion; Zimmer, second, third and reserve champion.

-Produce of dam, breeder trio, dam and daughter, dairy herd, best udder and get of sire – Zimmerman.

– Junior and senior goat best doe of show – Zimmer.

– Meat goats, junior doe or wether kid – Megan Valuska, Free Spirits.

– Senior doe kid – Casey Banal, first and grand champion; Carly Banal, second and reserve, both Golden Horseshoe members.

– Pygmy junior doe kid -Chelsea Jenkins, Golden Horseshoe, first and fourth; Sara Waggoner, Lucky Leaf Livestock, second; Alexis Grigsby, Backwoods Gang, third; Brittany Jenkins, golden Horseshoe, fifth.

– Pygmy junior wether kid – Heather Chambers, Warren Ridge Wranglers, first and reserve champion; Rhiannon Petrisko, Lucky Leaf, second; Brittany Jenkins, third.

– Pygmy senior doe kid – Nathan Lucas, Cloverbud; Bailie Murphy, Country Shamrocks, second; Brittany Jenkins, third and fourth.

– Pygmy senior wether kid – Murphy, first.

– Pygmy yearling doe – Makayla Lash, Country Classics, first and third; Cameron Best, Country Kids, second.

– Pygmy yearling wether – Amara Proffitt, first; Jenna Swickard, American Outbackers, second.

– Pygmy mature doe – Alexis Grigsby, Backwoods Gang, first and grand champion; Mikayla, Lucky Leaf, second; Sara Waggoner, third; Ethan Morrow, Country Classics, fourth; Rhiannon Petrisko, fifth.

– Pygmy mature wether – Petrisko, first; Chelsea Jenkins, second.

– Pygmy dam and daughter – Alexis Grigsby, first; Brittany Jenkins, second; Chelsea Jenkins, third.

– Pygmy produce of dam – Brittany Jenkins, first; Chelsea, second.

– Pygmy get of sire – Brittany Jenkins, first; and Chelsea Jenkins, second.

Horse show

Draft horse showmanship, 8-19 – Marissa Lucci, Barshoe Wranglers, first; McKayla Martin, Blazing Saddles, second.

Draft pony showmanship, 8-19 – Benjamin Boyd, Country Classics, first.

Pony showmanship, 50-inches and under, 8-19 – Timothy Lamantia, Country Classics, first; Winona Valentine, Country Classics, second; Kirsten Turner, Barshoe Wranglers, third; Samantha Glenn, Barshoe Wranglers, fourth; Allison Bell, Country Classic, fifth.

English pony showmanship, 12-14 – Alexis Kosut, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Danielle Lish, Golden Horseshoe, second; Heaven Vojvodich, Barshoe Wranglers, third.

English pony showmanship, 8-11 – Alivia Hartz, Hearts for Horses, first.

English horse showmanship, 15-19 – Jacinta Roberts, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Alexa Clark, Hearts for Horses, second; Jillian Mills, Denim ‘n’ Dust, third; Alexis Crummitt, Denim ‘n’ Dust, fourth; Allison Pizzoferrato, Country Classics, fifth.

English horse showmanship over 58-inches, 12-14 – Sarah Roberts, Barshoe Wrangler, first; Lexingtin Haynes, Barshoe Wranglers, second; Bailee Haught, Blazing Saddles, third.

English horse showmanship, 8-11 – Kylee Haynes, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Danielle Kirk, Hearts for Horses, second; Kilee Jackfert, Hearts for Horses, third; Shay Davis, Hearts for Horses, fourth; Alizabeth Lude, Hearts for Horses, fifth; Kaitlyn Jasper, Lassos and Lace, sixth.

Western pony showmanship, 15-19 – Nicole Jasper, Lassos and Lace, first; Angel Emery, Denim and dust, second.

Western pony showmanship, 15-19 – Kylie Malechowski, golden Horseshoe, first; Emily Lamantia, Country Classics, second; Hunter Johnson, Free Spirits, third; Madison Moore, Country Classics, fourth; Isaac Foldi, Country Classics, fifth; Clifford Glenn, Barshoe Wranglers, sixth.

Western horse showmanship, 12-14 – Gara Kurtz, Golden Horseshoe, first; Allison Lamantia, Country Classics, second; Hunter Klinesmith, Country Classics, third; Jayllex Mills, Denin ‘n’ Dust, fourth; Paige Everly, Country Classics, fifth; Harmony Crummitt, Denim ‘n’ Dust, sixth.

Western horse showmanship, 8-11 – Kira Head, Country Classics, first; Holly Valentine, Country Classics, second; Courtney Cooley, Country Classics, third; Brooklynne Garlinger, Blazing Saddles, fourth.

Contest pony showmanship, 15-19 – Courtney Darling, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Maria Ricchetti, Boots and Britches, second.

Contest pony showmanship, 12- 14 – Tonya Moodie, Boots and Britches, first; Kayla Ankrom, Golden Horseshoe, second.

Contest pony showmanship, 8-11 – Jacob Anderson, Blazing Saddles, first.

Contest horse showmanship, 15-19 – Cheyenne Uscio, Denim ‘n’ Dust, first; Amber Bennett, Boots ‘n’ Britches, second; Anita Moore, Barshoe Wranglers, third.

Contest horse showmanship, 12-14 – Mary McGuire, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Kaitlyn Moore, Barshoe Wranglers, second; Allie Blake, Boots and Britches, third.

Contest horse showmanship, 8-11 – Emily Blake, boots ‘n’ Britches; Haley Moore, Boots ‘n’ Britches; Kristyn Jasper, Lassos and Lace, third.

Supreme showmanship – Kira Head.

English equitation, 8-13 – Alexis Kosut, Barshoe Wranglers, first.

English equitation, 14-19 – Alexa Clark, Hearts for Horses, first; Hunter Johnson, second; Jacinta Roberts, third; Ben Boyd, fourth; Rachael Cline, Country Classics, fifth.

English equitation, 8-13 – Sarah Roberts, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Marissa Lucci, Barshoe Wranglers, second; Danielle Kirk, Hearts for Horses, third; Kylee Haynes, Barshoe Wranglers, fourth; Samantha Glenn, fifth.

Gaited equitation/horsemanship, 8-10 – Heaven Vojvodich, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Allison Pizzoferrato, second.

Hunter hack equitation over fences, 8-19 – Sarah Roberts, first; Marissa Lucci, second; Alexis Kosut, third; Jacinta Roberts, fourth; Kylee Haynes, fifth; Kirsten Turner, sixth.

Light pony hitch, 8-19 – Samantha Glenn, first; Kirsten Turner, second; Winona Valentine, Country Classics, third.

Light horse hitch, 8-19 – Clifford Glenn, first; Rachel Cline, second; Benjamin Boyd, third.

Light hitch, 58-inches and under – Benjamin Boyd, first.