The following divorces were recorded in Jefferson County:

Samantha Pesta of Rayland from Mark Pesta of Rayland. Former name, Samantha Ellis, restored.

Andria Michelle Taylor of Wintersville from Robert Lee Taylor of New Cumberland. Former name, Andria Spencer, restored.

Roberta Daniels of Steubenville and Jeffery Daniels of Steubenville. Joint decree of divorce. Former name, Roberta Beyer, restored.

Barbara A. Montenery of Tiltonsville from Brent Montenery of Yorkville. Former name, Barbara Frye, restored.

Victoria Patterson of Wintersville from Brandon M. Patterson of Wintersville. Former name, Victoria Creamer, restored.

Tonya J. Sieversten of Smithfield from Brian A. Sieversten of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Former name, Tonya Freshour, restored.

Darrin Whitehurst of Steubenville from Aurelia Diamond of Toronto.

Loretta Montgomery of Richmond from Todd E. Montgomery of Toronto.

Joan Marie Carter of Wintersville from Danny Lee Carter of Byesville.

Cindy S. Chung of Toronto from Jeffrey K. Chung of Toronto.

Desirae Oliver of Steubenville and Vincent Oliver of Steubenville. Joint decree of divorce.

Melissa A. Williams of Sebring from Michael Williams of Toronto.