Trinity Medical

Center West

Alanna Thompson and Evan Joynson of Wintersville, a girl, March 24.

Sara Castner and Jonathan Greene of Steubenville, a boy, March 25.

Kirbie Gray of Steubenville and Emmanuel Battles of Akron, a boy, March 23.

Katelyn and Corey Keenan of Bloomingdale, a boy, March 22.

D’zharay Herrin and Dallas Fleshman of Steubenville, a boy, March 24.


Trinity Medical Center West

Jessica Hornbeck and William Barker Sr. of East Liverpool, a son, March 20.

Teresa Strovilas and Robert Allen of Steubenville, a boy, March 19.



John and Paula Kendrach of Mooresville, N.C., a boy, March 14. Paternal grandparents are William and Margaret Kendrach of Mingo Junction.


Trinity Medical

Center West

Renee Staudacher and Quincy Thompson of Toronto, a boy, March 12.

Melissa and James Tillman of Weirton, a boy, March 10.

Lauren Tysko and Michael Jones of Moon Township, Pa., a boy, March 9.

Jessica and Aaron Ensminger of Wellsburg, a boy, March 9.

Megan and Adam Reister of Steubenville, a girl, March 7.

Clare and Daniel McBane of Steubenville, a boy, March 7.

Heather Stevens and Larz Glasure of New Philadelphia, a girl, March 8.


Trinity Medical Center West

Robyn Gillette of Steubenville, a boy, March 3.

Crystal Wald and Cory Barton of Rayland, a boy, March 2.

Cynthia Manack of Follansbee and Jason Sizemore of Wellsburg, a girl, March 2.

Angela and James Eddy Jr. of Mingo Junction, a boy, March 3.


Trinity Medical Center West

Markita and Cedric Thomas of Steubenville, a girl, Feb. 26.

Nikki and Robert Wyatt of Colliers, a girl, Feb. 28.

Tyfany Dunkle and Ray Gotschall of Bergholz, a girl, Feb. 26.

Melinda and Caleb Beck of Toronto, a girl, Feb. 27.

Taren Maple and Joshua Richardson, a boy, Feb. 29.

Elizabeth and Robert Allgood of East Liverpool, a boy, Feb. 29.

Samantha and Jacob McGinnis of Wintersville, a boy, Feb. 22.

Tori Bowers of Mingo Junction, a girl, Feb. 21.

Kara Clark and Donald Abshire of Brilliant, a boy, Feb. 23.

Samantha and Justin Motto of Steubenville, a girl, Feb. 24.

Cassandra and Travis Pusateri of Wintersville, a girl, Feb. 24.

Amber Myers and Clinton Zeigler of Toronto, a boy, Feb. 26.

Jewel Young of Wintersville and Eugene Williams Jr. of Steubenville, a girl, Feb. 25.


Out-of-town birth

Brian and Cordelia Russell of Toronto, twin girls, Jan. 5, at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Maternal grandparents are Larry and Deborah Roth of Toronto.


Weirton Medical Center

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Woods, Chester, girl, Feb. 1

Cora and Ryan Andresen, Steubenville, girl, Feb. 2

Heather Keeler and Eric Reed, New Cumberland, girl, Feb. 4

Cain and Caitlyn Noble, Yorkville, boy, Feb. 4

Kayla Kins and Matt Dillie, Wellsburg, girl, Feb. 5

Rebecca and Bradley Boring, Steubenville, girl, Feb. 8

Michaelene Jones and Jesse Hubbard, Weirton, girl, Feb. 10

Bridgette and Dustin Betlam, Burgettstown, boy, Feb. 10

Jennifer Hamann and Adel Khalifa, Follansbee, boy, Feb. 10

Alyssa and Joshua Wendt, Steubenville, boy, Feb. 11

Whitney Osborn and Damien Kernen, Chester, boy, Feb. 11

Ashley and Mark Cooper, Weirton, girl, Feb. 11

Cassandra Daniels and Dustin Harvey, Jewett, boy, Feb. 12

Darian Call, Newell, girl, Feb. 17

Casey Howdershelt and Shawn Whitson, Wellsville, twin girls, Feb. 17

Jessica Nichols and Steven Findley, Weirton, girl, Feb. 18

Tim and Jen McFarland, Mingo Junction, girl, Feb. 18

Blake and Shelley Judy, Toronto, girl, Feb. 19

Chelsea Beveridge, Smithfield, girl, Feb. 19

Chelsi Parr, Wellsburg, boy, Feb. 23

Michelle and Luke Spencer, Irondale, boy, Feb. 26

Kristina Vodvarka, Wintersville, girl, Feb. 28

Cynthia Parr, Colliers, girl, Feb. 29


Trinity Medical

Center West

Rebecca Schrockman and Derrick Crum of Burgettstown, a girl, Feb. 17.

Ashley and Zane Boyd of Toronto, a girl, Feb. 17.

Rachel and Robert Lewis of Steubenville, a boy, Feb. 18.

Lakin Harkins and Dino Colaianni of Rayland, a boy, Feb. 19.

Allee Vandeborne of Richmond, a boy, Feb. 20.