Municipal Court

The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Otis E. Allen Jr., 41, Steubenville, criminal trespass, 10 days in jail; Brittany Alvis, 28, Mingo Junction, failure to file for dangerous dog registration, drug abuse instrument, drug paraphernalia, eight days in jail; Laqwala M. Kelly-Gant, 26, 261 Clifton Ave., Mingo Junction, two counts drug abuse instrument, two counts drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, 45 days in jail; William D. Smallwood, 37, Apartment B, 1533 Euclid Ave., domestic violence, five days in jail; Richard L. Thorne Jr., 58, 107 Western Ave., Mingo Junction, expired license, $25, failure to file for registration, $25;

Herbert L. Brown, 53, 107 George St., public indecency, $50; Laquan D. Jones, 27, 1410 Euclid Ave., suspended license, $350, expired plates, $50; Anthony T. Rice, 41, 733 N. Eighth St., speeding, $50; Charles B. Ward, 50, 1111 N. River Ave., Toronto, possession of drugs, three days in jail;

Michael P. Cavanaugh, 59, 328 Nimitz Ave., Wintersville, passing bad checks, dismissed; Ramona F. Christian, 30, 732 N. Sixth St., two counts disorderly conduct, five days in jail; Anna M. Clark, 30, Steubenville, attempted drug abuse, 10 days in jail; Jonathon Ewing, 28, 89 Palomino Drive, Weirton, drug paraphernalia, $100; Raymond E. Jeter Jr., 24, 1419 Orchard Ave., suspended license, $250, speeding, $50; Scott M. Kennedy, OVI, amended to reckless operation, $150, left of center, $50; Charmaine L. Lester, 38, 743 Kendall Ave., domestic violence and assault, 10 days in jail; Peter A. Macconachie, 53, Apartment 2, 2514 Sunset Blvd., intoxication, $50, open container, $50; Zachary R. Moore, 31, 707 county Road 61, Amsterdam, probation violation, attempted drug abuse, eight days in jail; Caelynn R. Smith, 27, Apartment 1, 731 Brady Ave., attempted drug abuse, drug abuse instrument, drug paraphernalia, 10 days in jail; and Nikoli A. Sutton, 20, 300A, Nimitz Ave., Wintersville, failure to stop in assured clear distance ahead, $100.