Municipal Court

The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Steven A. Fletcher, 48, 118 Sherry Ave., Bloomingdale, suspended license, $200; Mahogany A. Luke, 27, 459 S. Fifth St., assault, seven days in jail, 30 days house arrest; James N. May, 40, 1919 county Road 2, Yorkville, suspended license; Sara L. Moore, 23, 617 Grandview Ave., soliciting, two counts drug paraphernalia, 30 days in jail suspended; Rachel N. Reed, 18, 427 Lawson Ave., no license, $50; Joshua D. Short, 35, New Wilmington, Pa., disorderly conduct while intoxicated, one day in jail, $250; Jason L. Thomas, 28, 107C, Weirton, attempted drug abuse, to complete diversion program, 36 hour community service, expired plates, $150, no turn signal, $50; Jasmine V. Wilson, 20, 3825 Marland Heights Road, Weirton, marijuana possession, $150, failure to yield, $50; Shane E. Young, 38, 323 Hill Ave., suspended license, $250;

Gianno A. Dallas, 26, 3724 Argonne Ave., violation of protection order, one day in jail; Paul R. Dodd, 34, Brilliant, probation violation, three days in jail; Jarred M. Gilham, 30, 3083 Glendwell Road, marijuana possession, dismissed due to lack of evidence; Terald J. Herring, 41, 211 Edgar Ave., criminal trespass, seven days in jail; Brian E. Lancaster, 37, Bristoville, OVI, three days in jail suspended, driver intervention program, $375, one year license suspension, disobeying traffic control device, $50; Aishya Pastre, 25, 205 1/2 Cleveland Ave., Tiltonsville, improper backing, $30;

Frank D. Anderson, 52, 1247 Sinclair Ave., failure to reinstate license, $250, no child restraint, $50; and Herbert R. Mayo Jr., 48, Apartment 4, 903 Market St., open container, $30.

Teasha A. Blue, 25, 306 Eighth St., disorderly conduct, three days in jail suspended, one day of community service; David A. Gaines, 23, 1317 Pennsylvania Ave., suspended license, three days in jail, $250; Robert J. Knight, 24, 201 Carlisle Ave., Mingo Junction, expired plates, $25; Frankie J. Scalise-Saylor, 24, 1645 Oregon Ave., OVI, three days in jail, $500, one year license suspension, failure to control, $150; Alfonso J. Serra, 40, 103 Byrd Way, Weirton, disorderly conduct, three days in jail; Terry A. Vacheresse, 54, 719 Allegheny St., Follansbee, suspended license, $250, expired plates, $50;

Ronald J. Eaton Jr., 18, 1412 Maryland Ave., discharging fireworks, dismissed due to evidentiary reasons; George L. Featherman, 27, 1515 Cadiz Road, Wintersville, no license, $100; Maleah D. Fletcher, 27, 808 Oakmont Ave., no child restraint, $50; Deanna K. Martin, 35, Steubenville, drug abuse instrument, criminal trespass, 30 days in jail;

Susan M. Salonica, 43, 489 county Road 28, Wintersville, OVI, amended to reckless operation, $250, driver intervention program, 90 day license suspension, left of center, $150, no plate light, $50; Frank N. Walter, 25, 1232 township Road 381, Steubenville, OVI, three days in jail suspended, driver intervention program, $500, one year license suspension, marked lanes, $150; Treshaun M. Withers, 21, 193 Rosslyn Blvd., probation violation, petit theft, obstructing official business, 30 days in jail; Isabella M. McDonald-Christiansen, 25, Apartment H$, 801 Market St., suspended license, $250, 60 days house arrest;

Joshua J. Callahan, 26, 213 Wilma Ave., expired plates, $25; Robert W. Charlton Jr., 46, 302 High St., Brilliant, suspended license, $200, expired plates, $50; Gary M. Clark, 54, 2052 county Road 28, Wintersville, suspended license, three days in jail; Cynthia A. Daniels, 36, Steubenville, petit theft, drug abuse instrument, drug paraphernalia, 17 days in jail; Clarence D. Lawson, 65, Apartment 706 Market St., drug paraphernalia, dismissed;

Julio Mastrantoni, 83, 1717 Pennsylvania Ave., Weirton, failure to yield, dismissed; Seth R. Parr, 31, 94 Shreve Lane, Colliers, obstructing official business, attempted drug abuse, one day in jail, $600, drug paraphernalia, dismissed; Darryl R. Pesta Jr., 27, 528 S. Fifth St., petit theft, one day in jail, $300; Daniel W. Rawson, 31, 71 Trails End Road, Toronto, drug possession, drug abuse instrument, dismissed; Fred M. Roman Jr., 58, no fixed address, open container, one day in jail; and James S. Smith, 21, 1012 McKinley Ave., possession of drugs, probation violation, seven days in jail.

Kuteaka S. Hall, 27, 1517 Foster Place, disorderly conduct, $100; Demarcus L. Monford, 22, 1624 Pershing Ave., criminal trespass, $100; Donald B. Morrow, 18, 308 Henry Ave., providing alcohol to minors, disorderly conduct, one day in jail, $150; Lawrence D. Rose, 38, 451 S. Fourth St., probation violation, felonious assault, amended to assault, 99 days in jail; Gene A. Smith, 50, 1654 Roosevelt Ave., petit theft, four days in jail; Scott A. Swiger, 53, Wellsburg, petit theft, 30 days in jail;

Michael A. Graham, 25, 12 Barbara Ave., marijuana possession, $100; Monica L. Hoberek, 37, 732 N. Sixth St., assault, three days in jail; Angela E. Massey, 54, 2084 county Road 26, Steubenville, open container, one day in jail; Kaylee Parsons, 23, 1441 Maryland Ave., expired plates, $50, suspended license, $200, no seat belt, $30;

Candi J. Patton, 40, 110 Murdock Ave., Mingo Junction, obstructing official business, three days in jail, open container, $150; Kimberly D. Senile, 42, 215 Madison Ave., Mingo Junction, two counts suspended license, $400; Gene A. Smith, 50, 1654 Roosevelt Ave., open container, six hours community service, disorderly conduct, one day in jail; Peter J. Steigerwald II, 51, 318 Lincoln Ave., Mingo Junction, suspended license, $200, red light, $50; Alexandria L. Tomenski, 38, 255 Murphy Ave., petit theft, 30 days in jail suspended, $200; and Michael L. West, 41, 1506 Maryland Ave., disorderly conduct, one day of community service.