Municipal Court

The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Tamika M. Allen, 40, 1216 Lincoln Ave., probation violation, menacing, 19 days in jail; James A. Morelli Jr., 33, 235 Williams St., Yorkville, petit theft, to complete diversion program, 12 hours community service; Steven J. Slaten, 43, 710 Oakmont Ave., suspended license, $200, changing lanes without caution, $50;

Bernada L. Brandt, 42, 571 Cool Springs Road, Mingo Junction, suspended license, 10 days in jail suspended, 30 hours community service; Samuel E. Brown, 31, 233 Hallock Ave., Mingo Junction, fleeing and eluding, dismissed; Jason M. Haines, 35, Rayland, child endangering, 180 days in jail suspended; Jonathan E. Harton, 33, 715 Pierce Ave., Toronto, defective mechanism, $50; Kenneth Karaba, 55, 1001 Granard Parkway, defective mechanism, $50; Caleb K. McManus, 22, Columbus, La., carrying concealed weapon, one day in jail, speeding, $100, no seat belt, $30; Vanessa M. Tomassilli, 23, 101 Floyd St., Wintersville, expired license, $50; Daniel R. Waldron, 31, Marion, S.C., criminal mischief, 10 days in jail;

Krista L. Lackey, 25, Ravenna, suspended license, $250, no seat belt, $30; Willie J. McKenzie, 58, Apartment 619, 815 N. Sixth St., no seat belt, $30; Tonya L. Morgan, 36, 465 Lincoln Blvd., dog at large, $100; Raymond H. Pleise, 63, Steubenville, two counts open container, one day in jail; Tiffany J. Sebring, 35, 1221 Oregon Ave., no license, $100;

Karen S. Suttles, 37, 105 Ridgeland Drive, Toronto, petit theft, 30 days in jail suspended, $200; Carlton L. West, 38, Rear 1324 Ridge Ave., no motorcycle endorsement, $100, speeding, $50; Justin S. Hazelip, 31, Apartment 3A, 416 S. Fifth St., open container, two counts open container, one day in jail; Michelle A. King, 43, 722 Rosswell Ave., disorderly conduct, three days in jail; Gene A. Smith Jr., 51, Steubenville, contempt of court, 30 days in jail;

Casey Higgs, 30, Apartment G, 711 Market St., petit theft, 30 days in jail suspended, 12 hours community service; Heather A. Payne, 38, 671 Prospect Ave., suspended license, $250, stop sign, $50; Clarence A. Repine Jr., 65, 3182 Dry Fork Road, Dillonvale, no turn signal, $25; David R. Ruozi Jr., 27, 1506 Foster Place, disorderly conduct, $25; Ashley H. Spencer, 31, 1203 Plum St., suspended license, $200;

Amber M. Blancato, 27, Bloomingdale, two counts drug abuse instrument, petit theft, suspended license, 26 days in jail, no plate light, $25; Amanda M. Casto, 34, 311 Springdale Ave., OVI, 90 days in jail suspended, driver intervention program, $375, one year license suspension, hit-skip, $250, failure to control, $50; Justin J. Cowser, 35, 17 Sunny Acres Drive, Wintersville, drug paraphernalia, falsification, five days in jail; Charles V. Briggs, 27, 1004 McKinley Ave., obstructing official business, one day in jail; Heather D. Smith, 33, Apartment G, 711 Market St., receiving stolen property, one day in jail; and Rafael T. Smith, 41, 1309 Sinclair Ave., public indecency, one day in jail.