Mayor, chief seats to be contested

The offices of Follansbee mayor and police chief and Wellsburg police chief, as well as council seats in both cities will be targeted in the cities’ upcoming elections.

The two cities’ filing periods ended Saturday, though additional candidates could be declared if their applications are postmarked with that date.

At this date the following have declared their candidacy for the following Follansbee offices:

Mayor: Challenger Ben Arthurs and incumbent David Velegol Jr.

1st Ward Council seat: Tom McMillan of 427 Main St. and Vito “Skip” Cutrone of 514 Rose St. Incumbent Jim Miller couldn’t be reached for comment. City Clerk Dave Kurcina said Miller obtained an application but it hadn’t been returned on Monday.

2nd Ward Council seat: Helen “Honey” Hedmond of 1050 Virginia Ave. and Dave Secrist of 726 Allegheny St. Incumbent Tom DiBattista has chosen not to seek re-election.

Those holding the city’s council at large and 3rd, 4th and 5th Ward seats and the offices of city clerk and city attorney are unchallenged.

The following have declared their candidacy for the following Wellsburg offices:

Police Chief: Incumbent Stanley Kins of 522 Main St. and challenger Rudy Sovinski of 1604 Charles St.

1st Ward Council: Challenger David Holden of 736 Charles St. and incumbent Bruce Hunter of Rear 18 Main St.

2nd Ward Council: Incumbent Ron Michaux of 1519 Charles St. and challenger Brian Tennant of 1407 Charles St.

Those holding the 3rd Ward Council seat and the offices of mayor and collector-treasurer are unchallenged.

Current 4th Ward Councilman Jeff Tarr has chosen not to seek re-election after his current term ends July 1, and no one has declared their candidacy.

City Clerk Mary Blum said she’s seeking direction in that matter, noting council is expected to certify the candidates at its Feb. 12 regular meeting.

The cities’ primary and general elections are slated for April 2 and June 11, respectively. During Wellsburg’s last election year, City Council opted to cancel its primary election because no more than two candidates sought any office.

Anyone interested in serving as poll workers should call (304) 527-1330 in Follansbee, and (304) 670-5567 in Wellsburg.

The election filing period for Bethany will continue through March 15.

The positions of mayor, town recorder and all five council at large seats will be up in its June 11 general election. The town doesn’t hold a primary election,

For information about declaring candidacy, call Town Recorder Cynthia Hoffman at (304) 829-4539.

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