Black History

In celebration of Black History Month, we are saluting area black leaders throughout February who have made or are making an impact on local communities.

Sylvia Crawley, a 1990 graduate of Steubenville High School, is the first black woman from Steubenville to win an NCAA National Championship title.

She was born in Steubenville in 1972 and was a 1994 graduate of UNC. She was named outstanding defensive player in women’s basketball for three consecutive years at UNC. She signed an endorsement contract with Nike, was the 1995 Dapper Dan Woman of the Year and was selected for the 1995 Pan American team. She was captain of the World Games in Japan.

She was named the 1995 USA Female Basketball Player of the Year. She played basketball in Vigo, Spain, for the 1995-1996 season and played in the American Basketball League. She also played professional basketball with the WNBA’s Portland Fire and now is an assistant coach at the University of North Carolina. She was named the head coach of women’s basketball at Boston College in 2008.