Harrison officials take road action

CADIZ – The Harrison County commissioners during Wednesday’s meeting met with Doug Crabtree of the county engineer’s office and approved four road-use agreements.

One agreement is with Chesapeake Exploration for 2.8 miles of county Road 4 to access the Ericson well site in German and Green townships. Another agreement is with Hess for 3.24 miles of county Road 13 and 3.27 miles of county Road 12 to access the Smithfield A well site. The other agreements are with Ohio Gathering for 2.5 miles of county Road 42 and 1.65 miles of county Road 15 and 1.60 miles of county Road 12.

Harrison County Sheriff Ronald J. Myers recommended the county request the agreement cover the entire length of county Road 42 due to the close proximity to Holloway.

“The trucks often come in from a different direction and we get calls on that if they do,” said Myers. “It is just 2 miles from that intersection to state Route 331 and I think we need to be proactive on this and ask that the rest of that road up to the Belmont County line be included.”

The board agreed and Crabtree said he would contact Ohio Gathering and the agreement would be amended.

The sheriff announced the next shale safety meeting is planned at 10 a.m. on Feb. 25 in the Puskarich Library. The meeting is open to the public.

The commissioners also amended the contract between juvenile court and the Child Support Enforcement Agency announcing the total cost would be $38,230.17 billed at $58.82 per unit for service.

The board also appropriated $20,000 for the airport authority, which will be used as matching funds for grants totaling $100,000, officials said.

Commissioner Dale Norris announced the courthouse will be closed on Monday, Presidents Day.