Only two contested races in primary

STEUBENVILLE – There will be only two contested elections in the May 7 primary, both in Steubenville.

Wednesday was the deadline for the filing of candidates and issues and levies at the Jefferson County Board of Elections.

In Steubenville, Domenick Mucci of 1414 Steele Ave. filed for mayor in the Democratic primary. Louis A. Arrico of 113 Teresa Drive filed as a Republican for mayor.

For council 2nd Ward, Democrat, Michael R. Johnson of 2080 Eve Drive and Lori A. Mason of 126 Langley Ave. filed; 4th Ward, Democrat, Angela Kirtdoll Suggs of 712 University Blvd.; 6th Ward, Democrat, Robert M. Chapman of 123 Aberdeen Road, Daniel Thorne Jr. of 309 Buena Vista Blvd. and Bob Villamagna of 125 Marion Place. G. Daniel Spahn of 109 Braybarton Blvd., a Republican, filed for re-election as municipal court judge. No Democrat filed against him.

In Toronto, Thomas W. Thomas of 214 N. Third St. filed as a Democrat for council president; treasurer, Democrat, James W. Orsini of 523 Nebo Drive; auditor, Democrat, Joe Motto, 812 Ridge Ave,; council at large (three to elect), Democrat, Robert D. Anderson, 812 Euclid Ave., Glenn R. Dickinson of 906 S. River Ave. and Ron Holmes of 631 N. Fourth St.; 1st Ward, Democrat, Diane L. Julio of 502 W. Fernwood Drive; 2nd Ward, Democrat, Dorothy S. Blaner of 714 Jefferson St.; 3rd Ward, Democrat, Jason A. Fogle of 513 Daniels St.; 4th Ward, Democrat, John Watts of 1217 N. Fifth St.

In Mingo Junction, Sophia Schoolcraft of 116 Madison Ave. filed as a Democrat for treasurer; and council, (two to elect), Democrat, John R. Fabian of 100 Paulman Circle and Adam Peeler of 307 Carlisle Ave. Incumbent John Bracone didn’t file for re-election to council.

The following levies and issues were filed:

Saline Township, additional, 2 mills for current operating expenses for five years.

Mingo Junction, giving village the authority to aggregate the electric load and to facilitate the sale and purchase of electricity.

Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, additional, 1 mill for current expenses, purchasing equipment or buildings and for building improvements, seven years.

Richmond, renewal, 4 mills for current expenses for five years.

Buckeye Local School District, additional, 2.1 mills for emergency requirements for five years.

Bergholz, renewal, 1.5 mills for current expenses.

Adena, replacement, 2 mills, current expenses for five years.

Adena, renewal, 5 mills for emergency medical services for five years.

Indian Creek Local School District, bond amount of $23.5 million, 3.5 mills for 37 years for constructing school facilities under the exceptional need program.

The board of elections will meet on Feb. 19 to certify the list of candidates.

April 8 is the last day to register to vote in the primary election.