Rayland officials seeking grant funds for pump station

RAYLAND – The possibility of seeking grant funds for upgrading and updating a sewer pump station on Warren Street and correcting an infiltration problem is being explored in Rayland.

Village Administrator Rich Bibbo recently reported to Village Council that he talked to Jeff Vaughn, engineer, about the proposed pump station work, and it was determined the cost of the proposed project would be between $100,000 and $150,000.

Bibbo also discussed the matter with Sherry Loos of the Rural Community Assistance Program. Bibbo then talked about a problem with infiltration from Grandview Street to state Route 150 and running through Mazeroski Park.

It was recommended the village include the infiltration problem in the grant request, bringing the total to $300,000.

In other matters, Councilwoman Carolyn Tolonese discussed a streetlight issue. Mentioning the ongoing issue of the proposed removal of a streetlight on Ohio Street, Tolonese asked if any council members had viewed that area, as requested at the Dec. 17 meeting.

Councilman Bob Conrad said he had walked that alley at night, and he doesn’t recommend removing the light in that neighborhood, noting the potential legal liability the village might face if something were to subsequently happen.

Councilwoman Candy Bibbo, reporting she had walked in that alley, opposed the light removal; she also said there are a lot of dogs in that area.

Noting she had driven by that area, Councilwoman Kim McKnight indicated her concerns were the same.

Mayor Tammy Morelli, who also viewed the area, said she didn’t think the streetlight was that bright.

McKnight asked if the light could be shaded, and Conrad asked if there was another pole in the alley to which the light could be moved.

Village Administrator Bibbo said there are trees blocking the streetlights at each end of the alley so the light in question is needed.

Tolonese asked if it could be shaded, forcing the light down rather than all around.

The village administrator said if the majority of people in the area served by the light approve shading it, then it could be shaded.

Tolonese also asked about a sewer manhole cover askew on Church Street, and Village Administrator Bibbo said Schultz Excavating is slated to work on the cover and two leaking fire hydrants when the weather permits.