Traffic congestion hot topic in Toronto

TORONTO – Traffic congestion at the intersection of Franklin Street Extension and Dennis Way was discussed during Monday’s City Council meeting.

Mayor John Geddis said there is concern about future traffic tie-ups at the intersection once the city school district’s new building is completed with students and faculty all leaving at the same time.

Both Karaffa Elementary School and the new building will house sixth- through 12th-graders on Dennis Way.

“(City Police Chief Randy Henry) said he’d like to see the school do staggered dismissals,” said Geddis, adding Henry also is worried about traffic congestion once the new building is housed later this year.

Geddis said council discussed the possibility of a traffic light at Dennis Way. However, Geddis said a past study by the Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission didn’t meet the Ohio Department of Transportation’s guidelines for a traffic light. The mayor said another traffic study by the city may be commissioned once the additional traffic from Dennis Way begins.

“(The study) didn’t meet ODOT’s standards for (a traffic light),” said Geddis, adding ODOT also cited Dennis Way’s proximity to the state Route 7 off-ramp onto the Franklin Street Extension as another consideration. “We feel it’s important to look at it. We will get something done, one way or another.”