Wells Township board approves appropriations

BRILLIANT -The Wells Township Board of Trustees approved an appropriations resolution with the total of all funds exceeding $1.9 million.

Of the eight funds listed in the resolution, the one with the highest amount was the road and bridge fund, which was listed as $672,500. Second was the general fund with $426,209.76. Total appropriations for 2013 are $1,908,518.77.

Other fund totals are license tax, $15,000; gasoline tax, $85,000; recreation, $74,400; fire levy, $185,570; police levy, $376,838; and haunted house, $73,000.

Fiscal Officer Joseph Matthews said the appropriations represent spending authority for the year. Since future decreases in revenue are coming as the electricity deregulation program concludes, the township will attempt to bring actual expenditures in under the authority limit to allow savings to roll over to succeeding years.

Fire contracts for 2013 were discussed. For 2012, the Brilliant Volunteer Fire Department’s run list shows 408 calls in Wells Township. The contract for last year called for 87 percent of the fire levy contract money to go to Brilliant, 5.75 percent to New Alexandria, 5.75 percent to Smithfield and 1.5 percent to Rayland.

A motion was approved to offer the 2013 contracts to the departments at the same percentage rates as last year.

In other matters, the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation informed township officials that a two-hour mandatory safety training program must be completed this year.

A letter was received from the Jefferson County commissioners, noting the deadline to apply for 2013 piggyback tax money for recreation programs is March 29.

It was reported the recent fundraiser at the Wells Township Sportsman’s Club was held as a benefit and not for the club. At the last meeting, it was noted the fundraiser, which was a spaghetti dinner, resulted in proceeds totaling $3,868.

Elizabeth Cook of the recreation department reported on repairs and maintenance needed at the Wells Township Community Center.

Road Superintendent John Keyoski reported a tree has been removed on Second Street, and an estimate from the Paul Peterson Co. for a needed guardrail is $9,474.38. Trustees approved a motion for the installation of this guardrail by that company.

A motion was approved to allow the Brilliant Baseball Association to use the upstairs at the former fire hall for a fundraiser May 11.

Trustee John Cook reported a request had been received for a handicapped parking space on Second Street, which was approved by trustees.

At the request of Cook, trustees gave approval for a letter to be sent to the governor’s office registering complaints on behalf of township residents about gas prices.

Trustee Joe Ellis said all township residents should be proud of the work done by the road and police departments.

It was noted Vince Dowdell is making plans to do surveys for the township.