Wells trustees talk funding for voting location

BRILLIANT – The Wells Township trustees recently agreed to see if it is permissible to spend funds so the Plum Run Church of Christ can continue as a voting location, and the matter is expected to be discussed further Tuesday.

Tuesday’s meeting of the trustees will begin at 7 p.m. at the Rush Run Church.

The Plum Run Christ of Christ, where township residents have been voting, lacks handicapped access, officials said. Trustees want to see if it would be legal to spend funds to provide handicapped access so voting can continue there. If so, a grant might be sought.

Trustees learned of the handicapped accessibility problem when Mary Birkheimer of the Jefferson County Board of Elections spoke at a recent meeting. A voter at the church fell last year and was seriously injured, according to officials.

The board of elections is requiring handicapped access, as mandated by the state, or voting will not be allowed at that location. A grant is available through the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, but some matching funds are required.

Jeff Sindeldecker, representing the Plum Run Church, said the church has no objection to handicapped access being installed, but the church has no money for matching funds.

More than 300 residents voted at that church last year.

In other matters, John Goosman of the Brilliant Water and Sewer Board spoke about the AEP project to upgrade the flyash dam. He said the water board will be selling 175,000 gallons of water over a three to five-week period from the new well on Market Street to the contractor doing the dam upgrade.

The well will be in use during the day only and will be capped at night.

In other business:

Items were discussed for the recreation grant application to be sent to the county commissioners, and mentioned were benches for the pool, lifeguard stands at the pool, tables and playground safety supplies.

Trustees discussed repairs to the park restrooms.

Trustee Joe Ellis said the Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of each month, and it is important that someone from the township attend if the primary representative cannot do so.

An 18-minute executive session was held so trustees and the township solicitor could discuss pending litigation.

Trustee Larry Owens thanked the Lions Club for cleaning the north ramp. Ten bags of litter were collected.