City moving forward with Save the Pool campaign

STEUBENVILLE – The Save the Belleview Pool committee is preparing to sell 5,000 tickets in the next four weeks to raise enough money to open the swimming pool for three months this summer and establish a fund for future years.

Steubenville Councilman at large Kenny Davis announced Thursday night he has secured a 2013 Ford Fusion from TEAM Automotive, a 50-inch flat screen television from Frank & Jerry’s Furniture and Appliance store and a gas grill from M&M True Value Hardware Store as prizes for the $10 tickets.

“I am proposing we have a party at the Belleview Park gazebo on June 1. We can have hot dog lunch and a ticket drawing to award the prizes. And hopefully within a day or so after that we will open the Belleview Pool for the summer,” stated Davis.

“TEAM Automotive will soon have the brand new Ford Fusion on display on the elevated rack in front of their showroom. And they will have a ‘Save the Pool’ banner on the car. So I am excited. I know we can raise the funds we need to open the pool this year and we can start building up the fund and planning for next year,” noted Davis.

“This is a very positive thing going on in our city. I know Steubenville has had more than its share of tough news in recent months. But we are doing something positive. I know in my heart we can raise the funds we need to open the pool this year. Now we need to look at operations, employees and cleanup, as well as any special events,” added Davis.

He said he heard from Marge Radakovich, principal at East Garfield Elementary, who said “those are my kids who use the swimming pool. What are my kids going to do if the pool doesn’t open?” So the kids, parents and staff at the elementary school have organized a quarter auction at 1 p.m. on May 5 at the school, and all proceeds will go to the pool fund.

“This isn’t a one-person campaign. This is a community campaign. I have not made one phone call but have received phone call after phone call offering help,” he said.

Davis noted the pool committee will need to make plans to remove the sliding board.

“We will also need to send a couple of pumps out for repair and contact Grae-Con to get on their job list to have the pool painted as soon as possible,” Davis said.

City Manager Cathy Davison said the city is open to all ideas.

“We are already collaborating with Steubenville Community Inc. to keep the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center open longer hours. The city will retain ownership of the pool but will collaborate with local organizations to help operate the pool,” Davison stated.

The 17 people who attended the Save the Pool meeting Thursday night also heard from Patty Reda and Tony Pasquarella of the Steubenville Health Department regarding vaccines for lifeguards and inspections needed prior to opening the pool.

And Todd Kelley of the Community for Youth Development expressed his interest in helping to oversee pool operations.