City zoning variances granted

STEUBENVILLE – Two city residents and a business were granted zoning variances Monday night by the board of zoning appeals.

Jerry Lyons of Sunnest Services at 619 Slack St. agreed to erect a 6-foot fence or shrubbery along his business property that borders a residential area.

But the board approved allowing Lyons to use gravel for a storage parking lot instead of the required cement concrete or bituminous concrete material for the lot.

“The center of the lot is a concrete pad and we would like to use gravel for the remainder of the lot. We plan to use the property for storage for our business instead of renting buildings,” explained Lyons.

Daniel and Gina Slivenski of 4600 Fairway Drive were granted a zoning variance to build a front porch beyond the front yard building set back line.

According to assistant Urban Projects Director and Building Official Anthony Bodo, “the first house on a street sets the building line for the remainder of the houses. Your proposed porch will extend beyond your neighbors’ houses.”

Daniel Slivenski offered letters from his neighbors indicating their support for his porch plans.

The board unanimously agreed to the variance to allow the Slivenskis to build a front porch.

Robert Greiner of 1996 McCauslen Manor said he is having a patio built on the side of his residence and would like to build a fence to extend 8 feet beyond the front of the house, “for the safety of my children and privacy for the patio area.”

Greiner also received support from 2nd Ward Councilman Rick Perkins who told the zoning appeals board he talked to several neighbors, “and no one is objecting to the fence. And I don’t think the privacy fence will affect the neighborhood or the other houses there.”

Bodo told Greiner a fence cannot be on the city right of way “and the good side of the wooden fence has to face out.”

In other business, the board re-elected Tom Timmons as chairman and elected Sanford Berman vice chairman.