Drug drop-off box to be placed in city

STEUBENVILLE – Residents now will have a safe way to dispose of old prescription medicine any time of the year.

The Jefferson County Prevention and Recovery Board and City Police are teaming up to have a permanent drug drop-off box located in the vestibule area at the south entrance of the city building, which houses the police station and municipal court.

The program will kick off from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday, with representatives of the prevention and recovery board and police manning the drug drop-off box.

Pamela Petrilla, prevention and recovery board executive director, said the board is concerned about abuse of opiate pain-killing drugs. She said residents can safely dispose of the medication as a way to keep the drugs out of the hands of young people who are abusing the medication.

Petrilla said the board has worked in conjunction with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and the Ohio Department of Health in establishing the drug drop-off box.

She said the prescription medicine can be dropped off with no questions asked.

City Police Patrolman Shawn Scott said the drop-off box will be monitored with a camera. He said the drop-off box will be permanent, and residents can put old prescription medicines inside the box at any time.

Petrilla said the prevention and recovery board plans to establish prescription medicine drop-off boxes in other areas throughout the county, such as at pharmacies, to make it more convenient for residents.

Temporary events also will be scheduled throughout the county.

Petrilla said the prescription medicine will be safely disposed by the DEA.