Kroger adding liquor section

STEUBENVILLE – Kroger is planning to add a liquor section to its Hollywood Plaza store.

“We look for it to be completed this summer,” said Jackie Seikmann, Kroger spokesperson, said. “We’ll be starting construction shortly.”

Seikmann, though, said they’ll be converting a general merchandise area in the front right corner of the store. The liquor section will have 770 linear feet of shelf space in about a 1,000-square-foot area.

“When construction is completed and we have our license, we’ll be able to sell hard spirits and liquor,” she said. “Ideally, if we can have a liquor store in all our stores it would be an ideal situation. It comes down to convenience for our customers – they can come in and buy their groceries, pick up their prescriptions, get gas and purchase adult beverages,” she said. “It’s all about one-stop shopping.”

Seikmann said they’ll be “shifting and rearranging some products in the store, so there may be a slight period of inconvenience for some of our customers,” but the one-stop shopping concept will be an improvement in the long run.

“(It’s going to) make the shopping experience easier for our customers,” she said.

The Hollywood Plaza store manager said company rules prevent him from commenting.