Trinity celebrates central registration week

STEUBENVILLE – The first person visitors and patients meet when arriving at the hospital is the central registration clerk. At Trinity Health System, this function has been recognized during National Healthcare Access Personnel Week, which continues through Sunday.

“We work very hard on guest relations,” central registration Manager Barb Kornbau said. “Patients and families coming into our hospital are often in a stressful situation. Our job is to ease their concerns in a caring and efficient manner.”

In an average day, the registration department handles a variety of requests from many people, including physicians, nurses and patients. Physicians call to schedule patients for admission and nurses inform registration of any patient transfers. The central registration department staff also must be familiar with the procedures and guidelines of various insurance companies.

During the registration process, patients sometimes are feeling apprehensive and need support.

“When people aren’t feeling well we need to be fast, accurate and above all, friendly,” access staff member Vivian Ziklo noted. “If we don’t do our job right, the problems reverberate throughout the hospital. Our main priority is to balance efficiency with large doses of caring and concern.”

Another staff member, Shelly Polsinelli, reports that her job is rewarding.

“I feel good at the end of the day when I know I was able to make a difference in a person’s outlook by cheering them up or smoothing away worries by being there to answer questions,” she said.

Last year Trinity Medical Center West registered 293,403 patients.