Burgettstown to recognize Good Egg award winner

BURGETTSTOWN, Pa. – The Burgettstown Community Library will recognize Norman Smith, its annual Stunda Good Egg award winner with a special reception at 7 p.m. May 15 at the library located on 2 Kerr St.

Smith was nominated for his active volunteer work at the Burgettstown Area Senior Center.

The Good Egg Award was established in 1980 by Friends of the Library to recognize unsung heroes in the community. In 1985, the award became the Stunda Good Egg Memorial following the deaths of John and Barbara Stunda. The Stunda family established a memorial for them with the library and makes an annual monetary donation to the library honoring the Good Egg recipient. The Good Egg’s name is placed on a plaque in the library, and the recipient is presented with an award, which was originally a ceramic egg made by Barbara Stunda, a ceramist who participated in library fairs and was an active library volunteer.

“I remember how (his mother) thought (the award) was a wonderful idea,” said John Stunda Jr.

The ceramic egg continued as the award for several years and was made by Ethel Cundiff, Barbara Stunda’s mother. After Cundiff’s passing, John Stunda Jr.’s mother-in-law, Nina Sokolowsky, made the egg for several years until her own passing. It is now a custom decorated ceramic plate.

The presentation of the award was always held the week of Barbara Stunda’s birthday, May 12; she would have been 75 years old this year.

Former Good Eggs include:

Dina Filipponi, merchant, 1980;

Clara Lanczak, principal, 1981;

Ken Howard, teacher, 1982;

Vincent Testa, youth sports, 1983;

Mildred Ralston, Meals on Wheels, 1985;

Charles Lawson, postal carrier, 1986;

Linda Farulli, Lollipop Lady, 1987;

Wayne Jeffrey, fireman, 1988;

Bill Steward, medical center, 1989;

Lou Pradetto, youth sports, 1990;

Gracie Prestion, beautification committee, 1991;

Ed DiNino, youth sports, 1992;

Jeannette Matesic, senior center, 1993;

Evelyn Beard, volunteer, 1994;

Philip Pavan, electrician, 1995;

Edie Jones, veterans’ group, library and historical society, 1996;

June Mancinelli, beautification committee, 1997;

Clara Alvarez, beautification committee, 1998;

Nadene Dodds, Meals on Wheels, 1999;

Joe Abate, volunteer, 2000;

Dave Choman, carpenter, 2001;

Ray Balogna, businessman, 2002;

Charles Fletcher, volunteer, 2003;

Debbie Vraninin, library, 2004;

Dan Johnson, Boy Scouts, 2005;

Jim Reedy, volunteer, 2006;

Kenny Tustin, fireman, 2007;

Luanne Hughes, volunteer, 2008;

Marci Campa, business owner, 2009;

Arletta Zelenko, librarian, 2010;

Jean Roberts, food pantry organizer, 2011; and

Lynn Hill, youth sports, 2012.