Catholic Central honors its underclassmen

STEUBENVILLE – Catholic Central High School presented the following awards to underclassmen at a recent assembly:

  • Religion department award – Anna Luther, freshman; John Bolster, sophomore; and Jacque Anderson, junior.
  • Applied and fine arts department awards – Ana McNamara, Art 1; Alana Chronister, Drawing and Painting; Carla Daniel, Multi Media; John Bolster, Photoshop; and Joshua Lewis, Computer Repair.
  • English department awards – Haley Hartzell, freshman English; Kateri Schmiesing, Honors English 9; Michaela Torrance, Sophomore English; Ana McNamara, Honors English 10; Sarah Derda, Junior English; Melanie Sich, Honors English 11; and Moriah Vosteen, World Mythology.
  • Foreign language department awards – Kenzie Zamberlan, French 1; Anna Luther, French 2; Mark Spinnenweber. French 3; Hemali Shah, French 4; Anne Fischer, Spanish 1; Taylor Bennington, Spanish 2; Melanie Sich, Spanish 3; Allison Pizzoferrato, ASL I; and Emily Pizzoferrato, ASL II.
  • Math department aw-ards – Madeline Padgett, Pre-Algebra; Matthew Sarlo, Algebra 1; Jude Ledyard, Geometry; Ana McNamara, Advanced Geometry; Jacque Anderson, Algebra 2; Taylor Bennington, Advanced Algebra 2; and Jacob Arai, Pre-Calculus.
  • The American Mathematics Competition sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America was awarded to John Bolster, AMC 10.
  • Science department awards – Isabella Asci, Health; Allison Pizzoferrato, Freshman Science; Alyssa Hermann, Biology; Taylor Bennington, Biology: Living Systems; Jacque Anderson, Chemistry; Christian Reed, Introduction to Chemistry; and Melanie Sich, Physics.
  • Social studies department awards – Kateri Schmiesing, World History; Ashlynne Daley, American History; Isabella Asci, World Geography; Maria-Grace Luther, Honors Government; Sydney Huff, Youth and Law; Brien Thompson, 20th Century History; and Lara Householder, Finance.
  • Underclass members of the academic team that represented the school in the regional competition were Marianna Schmeising and Mark Spinnenweber.

Class officers recognized were:

Freshmen – Anthony Barber, president; Jordan Wood, vice president; Sophia Bodo, secretary; and Haley Hartzel, treasurer.

Sophomores – Maria Boston, president; Jacob Karovic, vice president; Carla Daniel, secretary; and Christopher Allietta, treasurer.

Juniors – Michael Barber, president; Tony Godich, vice president; Brien Thompson, secretary; and Monica Fischer, treasurer.

Students named to the principal’s list of excellence were:

Freshmen – Anthony Barber, Taylor Bennington, Joshua Bensur, Braden Bolger, Rachel Dziewatkoski, Anne Fischer, Daniela Gonzalez, Haley Hartzell, Maria Kelly, Anna Luther, Alexandra McComb, Madeline Metcalf, Abigail Miller, Jacob Rigaud, Matthew Sarlo, Kateri Schmiesing and John-Paul Tysz.

Sophomores – John Bolster, Ana McNamara and Reha Rabbani.

Juniors – Jacquelyn Anderson, Isabella Asci, Jason Bensur, Lara Householder, Anthony Lee, Qinwan Rabbani, Hemali Shah, Melanie Sich and Katelyn Wilson.

Academic letters were awarded to Jason Bensur, Jacob Borden, Ashlynne Daley, Carla Daniel, Sarah Derda, Angela Duff, Alyssa Hermann, Katherine Moore, Austin Oliver, Sheldon Phillips, Rhea Rabbani, Qinwan Rabbani and Michaela Torrance, first letter; Jacquelyn Anderson, Jacob Arai, Michael Barber, Lucas Borden, Alana Chronister, Jackie DuBois, Renee Dziewatkowski, Anthony Godich, Lara Householder, Sydney Huff, LoganHunt, Blake Kiedrowski, Logan Hunt, Joshua Merriman, Alexandra Milewsky, Christian Reed, Hemali Shah, Melanie Sich, Brien Thompson, Moriah Vosteen, Monica Werkin and Katelyn Wilson, second letter.