CCHS seniors are honored

STEUBENVILLE – The Senior Banquet for Catholic Central High School’s Class of 2013 was a time to reflect on the past and look to the future as well as recognize the many class members who have distinguished themselves through academic achievement.

Rich Wilinski, the school’s principal, applauded the students and their teachers and parents during his opening remarks at the banquet’s presentation portion in Holy Family Catholic Church Friday.

Geno Taglione, the class’ president, said he and his classmates have become like family as they experienced the fun of attending football games and pep rallies and the sadness of losing their English teacher, Catherine Costantini, who died on Nov. 21.

Taglione added the class has much to be proud of, noting 60 percent of the class’ 59 members will receive honors diplomas from the state of Ohio and all are are going on to further their education. He said in addition to participating in many OVAC championships, they have put in 6,250 hours of community service.

“This class doesn’t settle for average. We strive for greatness and nothing less,” he said.

During the program Wilinski and Delores Michnowicz, assistant principal; recognized many graduating seniors for their achievements.

They included the following academic and athletic award winners: Taylor Clark, Courageous Student Award; Geno Taglione and Kate Kaldor, Respect the Game State awards; Douglas Maslowski and Kristen Looman, scholar athlete awards; Cuyler Ledyard and Victoria Knight, Archie Griffin Sportsmanship awards; and Michael Carapellotti and Rachel Irvin, Award of Excellence

Academic letter awards winners are, seniors, Rachel Antonelli, Mary Burton, Lauren Haines, Kate Kaldor, Victoria Knight, Helen Kovach, Kristen Looman, Mark Lopez, Douglas Maslowski, Madeline Miller, Kaitlyn Nese, Jenna Ogden, Christopher Pentes, Katiri Snyder, Rachel Sommer, second letter; Mary Grace Thibault, third letter; Tyler Wilson, second letter.

Awards of Merit went to Carly Abraham, Rachel Antonelli, Jaylynn Buchmelter, Mary Burton, Michael Carapellotti, Taylor Clark, Ashley DeStefano, Frankie DiCarlantonio, Samantha Fornasaglio, Samantha Giannamore, Lauren Haines, Zachary Herrington, Alexandra Inomata, Rachel Irvin, Kate Kaldor, Victoria Knight, Helen Kovach, Cuyler Ledyard, Kristen Looman, Mark Lopez, Douglas Maslowski, Madeline Miller, Erin Mulrooney, Kaitlynn Nese, Jenna Ogden, Sarah Padgett, Christopher Pentes, Eliese Pergi, Rachel Rigaud, Sarah Scott, Katiri Snyder, Rachel Sommers, Geno Taglione, Mary Grace Thibault, Tyler Wilson, Kevan Zapolnik.

Honor curriculum: Carly Abraham, Jaylynn Buchmelter, Mary Burton, Lauren Haines, Alexandra Inomata, Rachel Irvin. Kate Kaldor, Helen Kovach, Kristen Looman, Mark Lopez, Douglas Maslowski, Madeline Miller, Christopher Pentes, Rachel Rigaud, Katiri Snyder, Mary Grace Thibault, Tyler Wilson, Kevan Zapolnik

President’s Award of Excellence, with an ACT reading score of 28 or above and an ACT mathematics score of 27 or above: Carly Abraham, Jaylynn Buchmelter, Ashley DeStefano, Alexandra Evangelho, Samantha Giannamore, Lauren Haines, Kate Kaldor, Helen Kovach, Kristen Looman, Douglas Maslowski, Madeline Miller, Kaitlyn Nese, Jenna Ogden, Christopher Pentes, Eliese Pergi, Rachel Rigaud, Katiri Snyder, Mary Grace Thibault, Tyler Wilson, Kevan Zapolnik.

Principal’s list of excellence, for senior year 2012-13 (straight A’s in all courses), Jaylynn Buchmelter, Mary Burton, Alexandra Evangelho, Kate Kaldor, Helen Kovach, Kristen Looman, Haley McCalister, Madeline Miller, Mary Grace Thibault.

Outstanding academic achievement award: Lucas Gallabrese, Zachary Herrington, Michaliah Koehnlein, Erin Mulrooney.

Academic awards: Alexandra Evangelho, advanced trigonometry and functions; Dustin Bates, consumer business; Frankie DiCarlantonio, introduction to accounting and networking; Jaylynn Buchmelter, AP calculus and statistics; Kaitlyn Nese, art sculpture; Lauren Haines, Microsoft Office; Madeline Miller, anatomy and physiology, mechanical drawing and computer aided drafting; Mary Grace Thibault, AP English 4, Spanish 4 and senior religion; Michaela Gotta, environmental science; Rachel Rigaud, American mathematics competition; Samantha Fornsaglio, government; and Samantha Giannamore, English 4.

Scholarship winners were Zachary Herrington and Kevan Zapolnik, WTOV-TV scholarships; Douglas Maslowski, Macedonia-Press Award; Rachel Rigaud, Michael J. Barber, Sr. Award; Michael Carapellotti, Steve Zamana Scholarship; Kaitlyn Nese, Marjorie Taylor Lane Scholarship; Lauren Haines and Tyler Wilson, Class of 2013; Tori Knight, Eastern Gateway Jefferson County Academic Scholarship; Sydney Parks, Eastern Gateway Nina Gentile Scholarship; Morgan Elson, Eastern Gateway Arthur D’Anniballe Scholarship; Katiri Snyder and Mary Grace Thibault, Steubenville Lions Club scholarships; Madeline Miller, George Wenner Memorial Scholarship; Chris Pentes, Dr. Jagela Scholarship; Taylor Clark, Albert Teramana Scholarship; Kate Kaldor and Douglas Maslowski, Vimla Kakaria Outstanding Senior scholarships; Taylor Clark, Frank DiCarlantonio and Jenna Ogden, Italian-American Cultural Club scholarships; Carly Abraham, Helen Kovach, Geno Taglione and Kevan Zapolnik, Pugliese Charitable Foundation scholarships; Cuyler Ledyard and Rachel Rigaud, St. Genesius awards; Mary Grace Thibault, Women’s Club Scholarship; Mary Grace Thibault, Richard C. Hetherington Scholarship; Katiri Snyder, Steubenville Rotary Club Scholarship; Mark Lopez, Ambassador for Fourth Street Health Center award; Rachel Antonelli, Cecelia Whitehead Serra Scholarship; Kristen Looman, Steubenville Kiwanis Scholarship; Eliese Pergi, Ohio Valley Student Athlete Scholarship; Jaylynn Buchmelter, Dean Martin Scholarship; Kaitlyn Nese and Douglas Maslowski, Knights of Columbus 4th Degree; Madeline Miller, Knights of Columbus Music; Katiri Snyder, Jefferson County Farm Bureau and Vincent Oliver scholarships; Jaylynn Buchmelter, Louis Panebianco Scholarship; Haley McAllister, Mary Ann Pflug Scholarship; Mark Lopez, J.C. Williams; Rachel Irwin, Knights of Columbus Council 472; and Jordan Fabian, Silver Sword Award.

The top 10 students are Jaylynn Buchmelter, valedictorian; Madeline Miller, salutatorian; and Mary Burton, Kate Kaldor, Helen Kovach, Kristen Looman, Douglas Maslowski, Christopher Pentes, Rachel Rigaud and Mary Grace Thibault.