Harrison presents five-year forecast

CADIZ – Harrison Hills City School District Treasurer Roxanne Harding presented a five-year forecast at Thursday’s board meeting that projects the district will stay in the black through 2017.

She noted the district would have been in a better position if not for cuts in state and federal funding beginning last year.

Harding explained that while the district lost state money due to changes in the tangible property tax and state stabilization, the district’s local revenue is growing as a result of gas and oil operations in the county. In 2013, the district saw an increase of $30 million in valuation for mineral values.

Wages make up the majority of the district’s expenditures at 43 percent, followed by benefits at 23.9 percent and services at 24.4 percent.

Harding said any potential new state funding formula could have a negative impact on the forecast.

In the short term, she recommended the district continue to operate conservatively and keep a close eye on energy developments.

She added the district most recently passed a new operating levy in 1991. All other levies are from 1964 to 1974. Since 1991, the district tried unsuccessfully to pass additional operating levies.

Harding said energy developments may allow the district to avoid seeking new levies through at least the 2017 fiscal year.

In other matters, board members recognized Harrison Junior Senior High School, which received a rating of excellent on the state department of education’s 2011-12 report card.

Incoming Superintendent Dana Snyder noted the school exceeded expected growth on the value-added measures, while the middle school received 100 percent for its indicators.

“In the district as a whole, this just shows that we are achieving, that we are educating our students, and we are looking for even better scores this year.

“I believe with Mrs. Snyder’s leadership those scores will continue to go up within the district,” said outgoing Superintendent George Ash, who thanked district administrators for their work.

In other matters, it was noted the Opportunity School continues its educational program and will graduate three more students.

In other business, the board:

– Approved the retirement of Cynthia Lewis effective June 1; Gail Dennis, effective Aug. 1; and Linda Rusen, effective May 31.

– Confirmed the assignment of Elizabeth Brooks, language arts, junior senior high school; Caitlin Noble, first grade, Harrison East; Michele Huston, social studies 4-9/math 4-9, junior senior high school; Justin Kropka, OWE/OWA 9-12, junior senior high school; Kathy Yoho, Title 1 intervention, Harrison East; Barb Chenoweth, MH Aide, Harrison East; and Beth Fink, custodian, Harrison East.

– Approved a medical leave of absence for Julie Dickerson for 12 weeks.

– Approved Jodi Lash as substitute bus driver for 2012-13 and confirmed Gale Zook as the bus driver for the summer enrichment program.

– Employed Tina Coffman as lead mentor effective July 1.

– Approved the resignation of Kristie Smith as MIECHV home visitor through Help Me Grow effective May 16.

– Approved TT Diloretto, Drew Horn, Nick Pelegreen and Mike Wright as summer helpers.

– Approved the resignation of Becky Agositini, seventh-grade volleyball, supplemental, and Ken Parker, assistant athletic director.

– Employed Heather Soos as first-grade teacher at Harrison North for 2013-14 and Ken Parker as Middle School principal at junior senior high school effective Aug. 1, with a two-year contract.

– Approved additional administrative days of employment for Duran Morgan beginning June 3 and ending Aug. 1.

– Approved Tammy Gross as seventh- and eighth-grade cheerleading adviser, supplemental; Shannon Pelegreen as varsity assistant volleyball; and Franc Parziale, varsity assistant soccer.

– Approved the resignation of Robin Anderson as school psychologist effective Aug. 1.

– Approved Janez Pecar as volunteer soccer boys coach for 2013-14 school year.

– Approved Jane Herron as speech therapist for 2013-14 school year.

– Approved an agreement with Kathy Eddy to provide physical therapy services for 2013-14 school year effective July 1.

– Approved the Jefferson County Educational Service Center County Service Agreement for the 2013-14 school year.

– Approved an agreement with Amy Purcell, PTA, to provide physical therapy services for 2013-14 school year effective July 1.

– Approved a cooperative service contract with OMERESA for 2013-14 school year, including in-service program, cooperative purchasing program and legal services.

– Approved a cooperative agreement with Franciscan University of Steubenville for the 2013-14 school year to allow students from the university to be placed in Harrison Hills for field base/clinical agreement.