Murder charges dismissed

STEUBENVILLE – Murder charges against two men have been dismissed in municipal court, while the Jefferson County grand jury continues to hear evidence about an April 19 shooting, which left one person dead and another injured.

Lonnie Smith, 31, and Kory Smith, 27, were charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of Tristan Jackson, 27, who was shot once in the head shortly after 2 p.m. on April 19 on Pittsburgh Street, City Police reported.

Jackson’s cousin Jermaine Foots, 21, was shot as he ran from the scene and was found near the Pittsburgh Street and Oak Grove Avenue intersection.

The grand jury met Tuesday to hear evidence in the case. The charges were dropped on Wednesday, but Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said the grand jury will continue reviewing the case and indictments still can be filed.

Lonnie Smith is being held in the county jail awaiting sentencing on three counts of drug trafficking and one count of escape.

He is scheduled to be sentenced at 2 p.m. Monday by Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge David Henderson.

Smith also has been charged with felonious assault in connection with a shooting in October at Club 106 on South Street.

Kory Smith was to be released from the county jail.

Hakeem Herbert, 22, who was with the Smiths when they were arrested in Weirton on April 22, also is charged with felonious assault in the same case as Lonnie Smith.