SHS students feted at assembly

STEUBENVILLE – City high school students were congratulated on their academic excellence during the 2013 academic honors assembly Friday in the school auditorium.

The assembly began with Tim Daugherty, school guidance counselor, recognizing “students who have gone above and beyond the requirements of the academic letter by contributing over 100 hours of service.”

The first-year recipients included:

Seniors – Brooke Carroll, Geena Diomedi, Charlie Keenan, John Linn, Carly Moro (100.5 hours), Gabe Ofca, Patrick Pizzoferrato, Corinne Porter, Brianna Richardson, Katie Slivka, Whitley Wade and Evan Westlake.

Juniors – Paul DeFrances, Casey Gentile, Charles Massie (234), Katelyn Miller (106), Bryan Pierro (150),Cody Saltsman, Abigail Taylor, Jaylin Williams and Alicia Ziarko.

Sophomores – Jason Criss, Daniel Hayes (461), Emily Ighnat, Alex Isla (103), Kayla Marker and Justine Wickham.

Freshmen – Ryan Archer, Brien Beattie, Arianna Berdine, Aspen Bradley (126), Parker Dalton (111), Deanna DiCarlo, Dakotah Goff, Hannah Hoover, Kyle Lewis, Emma Mamula, Hannah Masloski, Jared Norris, Gabrielle Peterson, Miranda Prayso (119), Nicole Prichard (102), Lysaih Rice, Joey Walkosky, Hannah Westlake and Tariq Wilson.

Second-year recipients included:

Seniors – Christina Archer (100), Joseph DuBois (153) and Brittany Gates.

Juniors – Christopher Starliper and Allie Zimish.

Sophomores – Sophia Avouris (105.5), Erin Barnhouse (226), Izzie Biasi, Lucas Herrington, Megan Hoover (133), Emilee Karas (113), Jessica Kerr, Melissa Magyer (119), Amanda Nodianos and Natori Wicker (102).

Third-year recipients included:

Seniors – Shauna Contumelio, Brandon Llewellyn, Cierra Macon (152) and Marissa McAllister (111).

Juniors – Adam Andresen (171), Carmie Biasi, Brittany Bodo (103), Bryan Brown (290), Katie Ching (114), Dominic DiCarlo (100), Lucy Falls, Alexandra Kilonsky, Brittany Lazasz, Sarah Mamula (134), Jessyca Martin (125), Emiley Masloski, Alyssa McIntyre and Dominique Wilson.

Fourth-year recipients include:

Seniors – Mallory Giannamore (112) and Francesca Torini (322).

Those earning the Ohio Department of Education Honors Diploma and Award of Merit are seniors with at least a 3.25 grade-point average for the merit award and a 3.5 GPA for the honors diploma and have taken a college class curriculum identified by the Ohio Department of Education.

Earning honors diplomas were Brooke Carroll, Shauna Contumelio, Joseph DuBois, Brittany Gates, Mallory Giannamore, Charles Keenan, Abraham Lesinski, Brandon Llewellyn, Cierra Macon, Marissa McAllister, Gabriel Ofca, Patrick Pizzoferrato, Corinne Porter, Katrina Slivka and Evan Westlake.

Earning awards of merit were Christina Archer, Brooke Carroll, Shauna Contumelio, Anthony Craig, Shane Fabros, Brittany Gates, Mallory Giannamore, Breanna Jones, Charles Keenan, Abraham Lesinski, John Linn, Brandon Llewellyn, Cierra Macon, Marissa McAllister, Carly Moro, Gabriel Ofca, Patrick Pizzoferrato,Corinne Porter, Brianna Richardson, Katrina Slivka, Quinchaya Thompson, Francesca Torini, Evan Westlake and Addison Zane.

Organizational awards given to underclassmen for outstanding achievement in academics include the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, Carmella Biasi; Hugh O’Brian Award, Taylor Young; KEYS Youth Leadership, Casey Gentile and Jaylin Williams; the Frederick Douglas and Susan B Anthony Award, Jessyca Martin; the George Eastman Young Leaders Award, Alexandra Kilonsky; and the Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology, Casey Gentile.

Students who received a 4.0 GPA this year include: 4.0 GPA at 90 days, freshmen, Jade Moio, Miranda Prayso, Reno Tarquinio and Savannah Grant; a 4.40 GPA average at 270 days, sophomores Serena Lewis, Melissa Magyer,Anne Nehrbas, Amanda Nodianos, Justine Wickham and Alex Isla; a 5.40 average at 450 days, juniors, Carmela Biasi, Brittany Bodo, Paul DeFrances and Bryan Pierro.

Recipients of the President’s Outstanding Academic Excellence Awards are seniors who received a 3.5 GPA and at least 26 math or 27 verbal score on the ACT: Geena Diomedi, Katie Slivka and Evan Westlake.

The President’s Outstanding Academic Achievement Award includes seniors who received a 3.25 GPA and at least 26 math or 27 verbal scores on the ACT or a 3.5 GPA and at least a 25 score on the ACT: Shane Fabros, Brittany Gates and Pat Pizzoferrato.

The Steubenville City School Scholarship Awards go to pupils from elementary or middle schools. Recipients include Matt Petrella and Jessica Ray from West Pugliese Elementary School; Ryan Wood and Periogn West from East Elementary School; Brandon Llewellyn and Gabe Ofca from Wells Elementary School; and Katrina Slivka and Robert Callahan from Harding Middle School.

The Chequela Lawson Scholarship was awarded to Kayla Byrom; Harding Helps Club/Sadd Scholarship, Jacob McKitrick; WTOV-TV Red Donley Scholarship, DaShon Redman, Eric Robinson, Luke McCourt and Luke Smith; Changing YOUTHS Lives (John Jeter and Ruth Ellis Minority Scholarship), Kesaun Austin and Shamiah Lindsey; Ohio High School Athletic Association Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award, Joseph Dubois and Katrina Slivka; Ohio High School Athletic Association Courageous Student Award. Joe Nation; Ohio High School Athletic Association Scholar, Athlete Award, Brandon Llewellyn and Mallory Giannamore; Ohio High School Athletic Association Award of Excellence, Ryan Wood and Geena Diomedi; Ohio High School Athletic Association Award for Exemplary Contribution and Service to Steubenville High School’s Interscholastic Athletics Program, Ross Ivkovich; Steubenville Education Association Scholarship, Shauna Contumelio; National Beta Club Award, Corinne Porter; National Honor Society Award, Brooke Carroll; USMC Distinguished Athlete Award (Sgt. Shultz, Marine Corp), Bryan Pierro and Mytia Barker; USMC Scholastic Achievement Award (Sgt. Shultz, Marine Corp), Joseph DuBois; the USMC Music Award (Sgt. Shultz, Marine Corp), Abe Lesinski; U.S. Army National Scholar Athlete Award, Periogn West and Christina Archer.

Vocational awards include accounting to Tarrah Mullins; information technology, David Lulla; English, Brooke Carroll; Spanish, Bryan Pierro; French, Justine Wickham, Jasmine Brown andEzziree Morrow; Yearbook, Nikki Skeens; Mock Trial, Alex Isla, Alexandra Kilonsky, Allie Zimish, Brittany Lazasz, Carly Moro, Deshaun Smith, Deshea Pendergrast, Meg Cutler, Michael Gault, Nicole Prichard, Sarah Mamula and Serena Lewis; Law Day, Alexandra Kilonsky, Allie Zimish, Brittany Lazasz, Carly Moro, DeShaun Smith, Deshea Pendergrast, Meg Cutler, Michael Gault, Nicole Prichard and Sarah Mamula.

The applied arts department award went to John Boyle; drafting, Joe DuBois; manufacturing, Gabe Ofca; orchestra, ReShawn Kaufman and Mackenzie Allen; physical education, Mackenzie Allen, Corey Bennett,Isaiah Prentice, Demitri Collaros, Zy Yetts, Miranda Prayso, Chaeli Cooper, Mary Vodvarka andHanna Westlake.

Technical arts awards include calculus, Micaela Stoutz; college tech math, Ti’ unna Hayes; biological sciences, Bryan Pierro and Charles Massie; physics, Micaela Stoutz and Joseph DuBois; and chemistry II, Carmela Biasi and Brittany Bodo.

Senior awards included Key Club Sandy Nininger Award to Brandon Llewellyn; Key Club Volunteer Award, Mason Heatherington; Red Cross Award for Service (Y-Teens), Nikki Skeens; Nike President Award, Anna Vasich; Nike Club Scholarship, Anna Vasich; Rotary Club Award for Excellence in Social Studies, Robert Callahan; Cheerleader Scholarship, Nyasha Jones, Carly Moro, Cierra Macon, Toshchel Demus and Mackenzie Reinacher; and E.J. Scholarship (orchestra), ReShawn Kaufman.

Perfect attendance was attained by freshmen, Jeremy Blue, Micah Cassels, Brandon Crawford, Shane Grimes, Richard Haines, Anaaja Hall, Danaaja Hall, Hannah Hoover, Tia Perry, Lysaih Rice, Ciara Rogers, T’Shai Smith, Mary Vodvarka, Elise Watts, Zyairah Yetts and Anthony Zorne; sophomores, Jasmine Brown, Jordan Gamble, Kelsey Gaughan, Chelsey Gibson, William Harvey, Daniel Hayes, Melissa Magyer, Madison McCalister,Alexis Murray, Kennedy Shelton, Jacob Walker; juniors, Adam Andresen, Brittany Bodo, Bryan Brown, Perrier Coleman, Dominic DiCarlo, Casey Gentile, Loren Gray, Alexandra Kilonsky, Charles Massie, Katelyn Miller, Joseph Nodianos, Bryan Pierro, Christopher Starliper, Chandler Youngkin; and seniors, Brooke Carroll, Joseph DuBois, Mallory Giannamore, Mason Heatherington, Ryan Ledakis and Marissa McAllister.

Those with perfect attendance all four years included Gabriel Ofca, Nikki Skeens and Francesca Torini.