Steubenville McDonald’s to offer re-opening specials

STEUBENVILLE – McDonald’s on Sunset Boulevard is celebrating its grand reopening with giveaways and special offers beginning Monday.

Manager Coleen Petrella said the first 100 customers through the door will get cards entitling them to one free Big Mac every week for a year.

Doors will open at 5 a.m. Monday.

“The biggest addition was changing from a tandem drive through to a dual lane drive through,” she said. “Now we have two lanes for cars to pull into, so we can take more orders than we used to.”

Petrella said the outside of the building was remodeled. Inside, she said the lobby was revamped.

“We’ve moved the registers to one side of the counter,” she said. “So now we can take a customer’s order at one end and give them a receipt with a number, then they’d move to the other side where we have a monitor hanging from the ceiling that will say, ‘Now serving number …’ so you, as a customer, can see the monitor and know your order is coming up next.”

The new system, she said, “seems to be working pretty good.”

“We’re very busy here,” she said. “Very busy. And next week we’ll be even busier with some of the specials we have.”

Monday, they’ll be selling 49 cent hamburgers and 59 cent cheeseburgers. Tuesday it will be $1 breakfast hotcakes. Wednesday’s deal they’ll sell Happy Meals for $1.99 each or Mighty Meals (geared to bigger kids) for $2.99 each from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday’s special is a buy one quarterpounder with cheese and get a second one free. Friday they’ll take $1 off the cost of any McCafe beverage. Saturday customers will get a free small coffee with the purchase of any small sandwich. And on Sunday, customers can buy one ice cream cone and get a second free.

“Those specials will run for two weeks,” she said, adding that beginning Tuesday, they’ll also have a VIP Key Tag special: Buy an extra value meal and get a free pie.

“Those we’ll start giving out on Tuesday,” Petrella said.

They’ll also be giving away prizes, like boys and girls bicycles.

Store hours will be unchanged, Petrella said. The drive through will still be open around the clock, and the lobby will be closed from midnight to 5 a.m.

“This is a drive-through oriented store to begin with,” she added. “With the drive-through we had before, we did all we could to get cars through (but) cars would get stacked up behind each other. Now, we’ll take whoever finishes ordering first. We’ll be able to do a lot more. If someone has a bigger order, the other lane can keep moving.”

Petrella, a 30-year employee, said the restaurant moved into its current location in 2005.