Vandals hit Overlook yet again

CHESTER – Acts of vandalism at the Dr. David S. Pugh Overlook continue to bedevil Chester officials.

Chester City Council members discussed the latest vandalism to the Overlook at their regular meeting Monday night. Repairs to the First Street memorial were begun last week, only to be delayed when vandals struck again over the weekend, Councilman Dennis Murray said.

The Overlook’s front wall was damaged in March when vandals tore up a series of decorative bricks and one pillar.

The incident was captured on the city’s video camera, but the surveillance footage was inconclusive, partly because of a digital menu that obscured some of the images, Murray said.

The images were given to Police Chief Ken Thorn, whose department continues to investigate the incidents.

“I can’t tell anything from the pictures we got,” Thorn told council on Monday. “I can guess. I can narrow it down to five or six people, but to accuse them is another matter.”

Murray said he believes the perpetrators are juveniles.

“You can see pictures of all four of them,” he said, noting that he will review more recent footage in the hopes of getting clearer pictures of the culprits.

Murray said the city may still install a brighter light at the Overlook as an extra security measure.

Also Monday, council:

Authorized Street Superintendent Steve Shuman to rent a blacktop roller and purchase asphalt for the patching of holes in the city. Shuman, who also is a councilman, and Murray abstained from the vote;

Authorized Shuman to hire one summer employee for the street department at a pay rate of $8 an hour. Shuman abstained from the vote; and

Discussed several unkempt properties, including some with high grass.

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