Assistant’s deal OK’d

WELLSBURG – Renewal of the contract for Assistant Superintendent Marty Bartz was among many personnel matters before the Brooke County Board of Education on Monday.

The board agreed to renew Bartz’ contract for one year from July 1 and include a $900 raise based on his education and experience.

Bartz’ current salary is $92,500.

The renewal was approved by Board Members Jim Piccirillo, Jim Lazear, Frank Ujcich and Chad Haught. Board member Brian Ferguson abstained because he is Bartz’ brother-in-law.

Named assistant superintendent in 2010, Bartz has been employed by the school district for more than 35 years, during which he also has been a teacher, coach, principal and facilities supervisor.

In other business, the board accepted the resignation of Thomas Steele, formerly a custodian at Follansbee Middle School.

Steele hasn’t been at the school since he was charged by the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department with petit larceny and possession of a controlled substance for allegedly taking prescription medication from a locked cabinet at the school.

His case is pending in Brooke County Magistrate Court.

The board also accepted a bid of $51,400 from AB Specialties of Pittsburgh for the replacement of doors at the main entrance to Brooke High School.

Rob Robinson, the school district’s facilities supervisor; said the cost also includes replacement of the awnings, which don’t drain well, with canvass overhangs similar to the one found at the ticket window for the school’s athletic department.

The board also:

Accepted the resignation of Angelina Carlier, a special education teacher at Follansbee Middle School and approved the hiring of the following staff: Jesse Schwertfeger as a special education teacher specializing in autism at Follansbee Middle School; Richard Henry as an equipment coordinator for the Brooke High School football team; Elias Hannaoui as assistant girls soccer coach at the high school; Karen Snoderly as a bus driver; and many personnel for the summer school program and substitute teachers and service personnel.

Approved transfers for Kolbey Seidel, from special education teacher at Wellsburg Middle School to one specializing in autism at Follansbee Middle School; Teresa Bailey from aide at Follansbee Middle School to aide at Wellsburg Primary School; Sandra Wargo from cook at Lauretta B. Millsop Primary School to cook at Colliers Primary School.

The board also recognized:

Brent Kimball, a recent Brooke High School graduate and former member of various choirs there, for lending his singing skill to a variety of events at Brooke High School and in the community, including many Memorial Day and Veterans Day services, where he has performed the national anthem and other patriotic songs.

Piccirillo presented a plaque of appreciation to Kimball, saying that in addition to having great talent, he has always been “willing to do whatever was asked of him and always with a marvelous attitude and great smile.”

“He is a fine moral young man, community- and school-oriented and you can find him performing at everything from Memorial Day events to assisted living homes. He seldom says no and when he sings a patriotic song, I challenge any of you to deny that your eyes don’t well up with tears.”

The following teachers and personnel who are retiring this year: Jan Baker, Linda Kerr and Virginia Foresha, all teachers at Brooke High School; Frances Bonnaure, a teacher at L.B. Millsop Primary School; Margaret Jeane Sheperd, a teacher at Follansbee Middle School; Cindy Weppler, a speech therapist; Cindy Schiffbauer, a teacher at Wellsburg Middle School; Joan Baker and Deborah Ulrich, both teachers at Wellsburg Primary School; Russ Shaffer, traveling art instructor; Randy Weppler, a teacher at various schools; Anna DeGarmo, Barbara Newman and Sharon Ewusiak, all cooks at the high school; Al Gundrum, a custodian at Colliers Primary School; Sharon Hunter, a custodian at Franklin Primary School and Wellsburg Middle School; Judith Kinney, secretary to the superintendent; Linda Leavitt, a secretary at L.B. Millsop Primary School; Michael Santora, a custodian at L.B. Millsop Primary School; Carolyn Bruno, a secretary at Colliers Primary School; Karen VanDyke, a secretary at Beech Bottom Primary School; and James Sampson, a bus driver.

The following employees for 30 years of service: Kim Johnson, principal of Follansbee Middle School; James McFadden, a teacher at Follansbee Middle School; Fred Rentschler, a speech therapist; Judith Fowler, a teacher at Beech Bottom Primary School; Bruce Hunter, a bus driver and mechanic with the transportation department; Randall Weppler and Sampson.

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