Landmarks panel gives OK to home mods

STEUBENVILLE – The city’s Historical Landmarks Commission Wednesday unanimously approved a homeowner’s request to remove a chimney and rebuild his roof.

Richard Thompson, owner of the house at 832 N. Fourth St., said he wanted to remove a chimney that is in need of repairs and wants to remove the rear hip roof and replace it with a gable roof.

“I want to put a good, solid roof on the house and open up the rear of the attic for more windows because of the excellent view of the Ohio River,” explained Thompson.

Historical Landmarks Commission Chairman Scott Dressel suggested Thompson look for buildings built after 1890 that have been or will be demolished.

“Those would be the appropriate bricks for rebuilding the gable,” Dressel said.

In other business, Urban Projects Director Chris Petrossi said he is waiting for a second engineering proposal to examine the historic district arch that spans North Fourth Street.

“I have one engineering estimate and would like to get a second estimate for the inspection of the structure before painting the arch,” said Petrossi.

Dressel said he has offered to donate the paint for the 13-year-old aluminum arch.

“People are buying properties in that historical district and several millions of dollars have been invested in the neighborhood. And that arch is important for the district’s historical designation,” explained Dressel.

He also asked Petrossi to send a letter to the owners of the Sinclair building at Fourth and Market streets regarding the metal crown at the top of the structure.

“You can see the iron work is starting to corrode. I would hope the property owner would agree to paint the metal work before it reaches the point where it can’t be repaired,” noted Dressel.

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