Property dispute still unresolved

NEW CUMBERLAND – Recent attempts at mediating a property dispute between the Hancock County commissioners and attorney Lawrence Manypenny have proven unsuccessful.

Both sides in the dispute met separately with visiting Judge David W. Hummel Jr., of Marshall County Circuit Court, last week but to no avail, Commissioner Dan Greathouse said.

“There was nothing really rendered that I know of,” Greathouse said.

Assistant Prosecutor William Fahey, counsel to the commissioners, declined comment, saying, “All things in mediation are confidential.”

No dismissal orders have been filed since last week’s mediation session. A deposition of Commissioner Jeff Davis was scheduled for Thursday but had to be postponed because of a schedule conflict.

Manypenny, whose office building is adjacent to Hancock County Magistrate Court, claims ownership of the land up to and including the Magistrate Court sidewalk and enclosed staircase. He wants commissioners to compensate him for the county’s use of the land.

In February, Manypenny’s office erected caution tape, orange pylons and “no trespassing” signs on the strip of land between the two buildings. The action prompted commissioners to ask a judge for an injunction ordering Manypenny to remove the barriers.

Attorney James Carey, who is representing Manypenny, could not be reached for comment.