St. Paul starts new arts program

WEIRTON – St. Paul Grade School in Weirton has integrated an arts program with their scholastic curriculum to encourage their students to develop creatively while deepening their understanding of traditional subjects.

The technique, called arts integration, features an approach to teaching in which students “construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form, engage in a creative process with connects an art form and another subject area, and meet evolving objectives in both,” according to information provided by the school.

Theresa Nero, art teacher at the school, guides students through the process. As part of the 2012-2013 curriculum, students integrated a social studies lesson on ancient Egypt.

In addition to textbook lessons, school officials explained the students used their knowledge in the school art studio by creating pieces of Egyptian jewelry.

Students also selected Maria Good, the school’s cafeteria manager, as the subject of their portrait studies, with her image used in various artistic media displayed throughout the school.

The school also is in the process of operating a summer arts program for students in second through seventh grade, with the first week completed Friday.

The second week will run from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and noon at the school.

The cost is $75 per child and a free lunch will be provided. Contact the school to register.