Steelworkers recognized by union officials

WEIRTON – Eleven employees of the ArcelorMittal Steel Corp. have been recognized by the United Steelworkers Local 2911 for their ideas to improve productivity and save money.

A ceremony this week officially unveiled the USW Local 2911 Wall of Recognition in the West Street union hall that will be dedicated to the efforts of employees of the Weirton steel mill.

“We all know we are competing in a highly competitive industry and we must remain on top of our game in order to remain competitive. Our employees have always played a key role in our mill and now more than ever their involvement is even more important for the future of our plant. That’s why our union has really stepped up our employee recognition program,” said Local 2911 President Mark Glyptis.

“Because of our employees we are able to compete on a global basis. We are a better steelmaking operation because of the men and women who work every day in our mill. Our employees are extremely smart and they have wonderful ideas on how we can continue to get better,” Glyptis said.

“We have spent many, many, many hours gathering ideas from the employees throughout the mill and then bringing those ideas to fruition. Our Local 2911 Employee Involvement Coordinator Ed Conley has always worked diligently to draw the best out of the employees and he has brought their ideas to the plant management that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings,” Glyptis explained.

“I am fortunate in my job to work with the best steelworkers in the industry. The men and women at Weirton are passionate to keep our plant moving forward in a positive manner. I take ideas from the employees that will eventually save millions of dollars for the plant and the company,” Conley said.

“We have Bruce Costello who came up with an idea to eliminate a waste stream and reduce costs through a roll grinding project. And Larry Jones who pushed for years to change the process of taking trash from the mill to a location where an outside contractor picked it up and transported it to the Weirton landfill. Now we have our truck drivers take the trash from the mill to the city landfill thereby eliminating the outside truck and saving money,” cited Conley.

“Larry Kaser put together an idea at the No. 5 pickler that improved our productivity by 30 minutes. I appreciate everything these union members have accomplished. I believe you have to recognize people and thank them. That’s why we have created our Employee Wall of Recognition here at the Local 2911 union hall. We hope our families, our children and grandchildren will stop at the union hall to see the people we recognize today and in future years,” stated Conley.

“I have always believed that in order to have a strong union you need a strong company. Our company and our union goes together hand in glove,” added Conley.

“The differences our employees have made in the mill can make the difference between success and failure. We have the best steelworkers in the world right here in Weirton. What happens every day in our mill will create a strong longterm future for all of us as well as the next generation of steelworkers,” remarked Glyptis.

“Our grandchildren will thank you for what you have done to make our mill strong in the future,” Glyptis said.

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