Students now media savvy

MINGO JUNCTION – A group of eighth-graders from Indian Creek Middle School recently spent three days learning the ins and outs of a newscast, social media and iMovies as apart of the school’s 12th-annual media club camp.

According to camp coordinator Michele Fabbro, each day of camp the students followed a rotation schedule where they visited five stations. They worked in assigned groups at each station for 45-minute segments, she noted.

“The first station included learning about a newscast, how to operate a camera, teleprompter, editing board and music,” she explained. “The second station taught the student how to write a newscript, use the PAGES software system and how to design an advertisement.

“The third station was geared toward design and production of flyers and posters as well as how to use copy machines and laminators, while the fourth station taught the students how to use the iMovie software, including lessons on filming, editing and social media skills,” she said. “And the final station included instruction, care and maintenance of technology for cameras, computers, iPads, iPods and eReaders.”

David Moffat, interactive media instructor at Indian Creek High School, assisted Fabbro throughout the three-day camp. He said the students leave with a basic understanding of what digital media involves.

“They get a better understanding of copyright issues as well,” he explained. “It is a chance for them to get a nice base of the club they will participate in the following year at the high school. It is also nice for me to get to meet the students before they come to the high school. I also enjoy watching my juniors becoming seniors teach what they have learned to these younger students. It’s a fun learning experience.”

Assistant instructors for this year’s camp were Kristen Shimko and Emily Todoroff, while Kaleb Everhart and Ivy McComb served as student helpers.