Toronto Lions bestows G.O.O.D. awards

TORONTO – The Lions Club Going On Or Defeated awards were presented May 3 at Karaffa Elementary School.

The G.O.O.D. Awards program was created by Ron Derry, who developed the award with the belief that more emphasis should be placed on pupil behavior in the school environment. He created a list of 10 behaviors, which he thought would enable students to become G.O.O.D. citizens. The behaviors became the criteria for the award, and homeroom teachers at Karaffa were asked to select one pupil in their classes who best exemplified the behaviors, according to school Principal Patti Quinn. Pupils who previously won the award are not eligible to receive it again.

The award is based on pupils who attend school regularly; complete homework assignments on time; display neatness and accuracy with all written work; show preparation for all announced tests; show interest in learning through means of appropriate questions; are good listeners in class; constantly show respect for administrators, teachers and all other school personnel; do his or her part to see the classroom is conducive to a good learning environment; display acts of good citizenship on a daily basis; and have shown an act of caring toward another person in a difficult situation.

Fifth-grade winners are D’Andre Thompson, son of Sheles and Philip Thompson and a pupil in Nikki Wright’s class; and Kaycen Burchfield, son of Paul Burchfield, a pupil in Jennifer Matyas’ class.

Fourth-grade winners are Rory McNutt, daughter of Robert and Krystal McNutt, a pupil in Caryn Bodnar’s class; and Drew Humpe, son of Karen McAdoo, a pupil in Annie Silverthorn’s class.

Third-grade winners are Aliyah Morris, daughter of Kristin Morris, a pupil in Heather Keenan’s class; and Kyle Leonard, son of Chris and Tracy Leonard, a pupil of Patricia Lamantia’s class.

Patti Quinn, Karaffa Elementary principal, congratulated each pupil and their parents.

“Being chosen for this award is truly a wonderful display of good character that is recognized by those around you,” she said, adding her thanks to the Lions Club for sponsoring the program.