Burgettstown holds Children’s Night

BURGETTSTOWN – The Burgettstown Kids Center recently joined forces and resources with the Burgettstown Veterans of Foreign Wars to hold a community children’s night at the Main Street Park.

“This is a wonderful event and we’re looking forward to future partnerships with the Veterans of Foreign Wars,” said Jim Reedy, kids center director. “We glad they decided to be part of it.”

The veterans have been looking for a way to engage the community’s children and offer a safe, family-friendly activity, said Stan Esno, member and bartender.

“We’ve been wanting to get together and do this for the kids for a while now,” he said.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars provided drinks and food and manned the grill, while kids center volunteer manned game booths and a disc jockey played music. The Burgettstown Middle/High School’s HOPE Club also sent several members to help small children in the arts and crafts area.

“We have a nice crowd – we were a bit worried, with the weather, but it all worked out,” said Rick Bernola, committee member. “It is all about the kids and getting them out in the sunshine and giving them some place to go have fun.”

Commander Bill Diamond said the efforts were part of the veterans’ community outreach and added the post would like to pair up again with the center in the future.

“A lot of people here are having a good time,” he said. “We’re giving out a lot of food and we hope even more people show up.”

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