Discussion on tax issue gets delayed

WEIRTON – A town hall meeting which had been set to take place in Weirton Wednesday was canceled by its organizer just hours before it was scheduled to begin.

Nick Fuscardo, owner of Fuscardo’s Barbershop, explained he canceled the meeting after learning Wednesday state Sen. Jack Yost would be unable to attend because of a personal commitment.

Yost was to be the special guest for the meeting.

Over the last several months, Fuscardo has been circulating a petition to urge the elimination of a tax he says charges businesses on the tools of their trade.

He said without Yost, he didn’t feel there would be any point to hold the meeting.

“It would just be me speaking to the choir,” Fuscardo said.

During a previous interview, Fuscardo indicated he had more than 700 area residents sign the petition.

He also previously noted his intention to take the petition and his concerns to the Hancock County Commission once he felt he had collected enough signatures.

Fuscardo did not indicate if the town hall would be rescheduled for a later time.