Sewer project bids higher than anticipated, won’t affect rates

WEIRTON – Bids for Phase II of the sewer upgrade came in slightly higher than what Weirton officials had projected, but it won’t impact the new rate structure council put in place two years ago.

Utilities Director A.D. “Butch” Mastrantoni said eight contractors submitted bids for one or more of the contracts.

“I was really pleased,” he said. “I think we had six bids on Contract 2 – that level of participation really gave us some very competitive prices. That got me encouraged. And Contracts 3 and 4, to have three bids submitted for each of them is really good. Typically, if you get one or two bids you get whatever it is they want to bid, but with that much competition, it seems like you get more bang for your bucks.”

Apparent low bidders for Phase II were:

Alex Paris Contracting Co., Atlasburg, Pa., installation of new sewer lines from the north end to Freedom Way (Contract 2), $2,596,350.50.

Ferri Contracting, pump station upgrade (Contract 3), $1,160,000.

James White Construction, odor control system (Contract 4), $98,000.

Mastrantoni said the bids, as submitted, came in about $120,000 above estimate, “but it falls within the guidelines” of the new rate structure. He also pointed out that the $493,192 contract for Phase I work, awarded to James White Construction, came in about $200,000 below estimate.

At Thursday’s Sanitary Board meeting, board members were updated on the bids but did not take action. Mastrantoni said none will be taken until the board’s engineers finish “reviewing and certifying the material submitted.”

“We won’t be taking action until next month,” he said. “Next month we’ll probably have notice of award and subsequently issue a notice to proceed. Probably in mid- to late-August you’ll see contractors in the field getting ready to move dirt, getting ready for the excavation and installation of pipelines.

“The engineers’ estimates give it 11 months for substantial completion, total completion in 13 months. Not discounting the effects the weather may have, we’re looking basically at 12 or 13 months to completion,” he said.

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