Auction makes way for houses

WEIRTON – A 3.45-acre parcel bordering the No. 11 fairway at Williams Country Club will be auctioned off Tuesday.

Gary Cain Realty will oversee the sale, slated to get underway at 6 p.m.

“It runs right along the No. 11 fairway,” Gary Cain said. “It’s been approved for residential single-family homes. Basically, you can put three single family homes or you can go with cottage homes, something like that. It’s going to be a big thing for Williams, but it’s also going to be a big thing for the city of Weirton, to really open up some high-end residential sites.”

Cain said all city utilities are available.

“We’re pretty excited about it,” he said. “They tell you in real estate development, the two things that enhance residential real estate value the most are golf courses and water. We’ve got the golf course.”

Cain figures there’s room for four to six homes, but that’s contingent on whether the buyer opts for detached or contiguous units.

“With almost 4 acres, sewer and water, a half-acre makes for a pretty nice-sized lot” if the buyer opts for single family homes, he said.

“We had probably between 10 and 15 people at our open house,” he added. “We had golf carts to take people” to inspect the site.