Boat overturns in Ohio River

STEUBENVILLE – A nearby pontoon boat was able to pull one person from the Ohio River Tuesday afternoon after a johnboat occupied by three Steubenville residents overturned about 30 feet from the shore at the Steubenville Marina.

Frita Riley and her fiance, Kenny L. Davis, both of Steubenville, and Davis’ father, Kenny W. Davis, had just gone out on the river around 2:45 p.m. Tuesday when Riley said water started coming in over the front of the boat.

“By the time (her fiance) told his dad water was coming in, it was too late,” Riley said.

The father stayed with the boat while Kenny L. Davis and Riley swam ashore.

Jeff King of Wintersville was fishing a short distance downriver from the marina on his pontoon boat when he noticed a boat upside down and a man clinging to it.

He told the other men on his boat, “We got to get over there.”

King said the elderly man still in the river was starting to struggle. He said those on his boat had some difficulty getting him out of the river.

“I was ready to jump in,” King said.

King towed the johnboat ashore, where Steubenville firefighters used the tow rope to pull it out of the water at the marina.

The older Davis was checked out by Ambulance Service Inc. before being allowed to leave.

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