Police chief issues back-to-school plea

WEIRTON – Weirton Police Chief Bruce Marshall is issuing an appeal to motorists and parents as the school year approaches.

Schools will be going back into session in the coming days throughout the Ohio Valley, and Marshall is reminding motorists to be alert and drive carefully at all times, in particular during the transition from summer break to the school year.

“Be extra cautious when approaching children standing or walking along the roadway and expect the children to run in any direction as you approach their area,” Marshall stated in a new release issued by the Weirton Police Department. “Young children don’t often understand the danger they can place themselves in when they are running, laughing and enjoying life. This extra caution may result in the prevention of a tragic accident.”

Marshall reminds parents to familiarize their children with the closest and safest route to the school or bus stop.

“Take the time to walk the route you choose with your child and point out the potential hazards of them,” he stated. “Parents should instruct their children to not linger whether going to or coming from school and should talk to them about avoiding strangers.”

Marshall explained many pedestrian accidents happen when someone steps out from between cars, and suggests motorists can avoid this by driving as if expecting it to happen. Parents also should teach their children to cross the streets in proper areas, he said.