Steubenville hoping to get answer regarding manager

STEUBENVILLE – Steubenville City Council members hope to learn today if their candidate for the city manager job will accept their offer.

Mayor and Acting City Manager Domenick Mucci said Tuesday night he talked to the final candidate earlier in the day, “and he said he will let us know today.”

City officials have declined to identify the final manager candidate.

“The candidate explained to me the other community he is considering misplaced the release he had to sign in order to allow them to do a police and financial background checks. He signed another release and that community is giving the gentleman their offer tonight or Wednesday. So he asked us for a little more time. We hope to have a definite answer sometime Wednesday,” Mucci explained.

Third Ward Councilman Greg Metcalf said if the final candidate doesn’t accept the job, “we will re-advertise for the city manager job and will set an Oct. 11 deadline for applications.”

“In the event we have to start over I hope we have someone in the job by mid-November,” Metcalf added.

City Council offered the vacant city manager position to the sole remaining candidate Saturday afternoon following a two-and-a-half-hour interview by the council members and a 90-minute interview by the citizens committee.

Metcalf said Saturday the candidate wanted to discuss the city’s offer with his wife, “and that he also has a job offer from another city.”

Metcalf has declined to identify the final candidate, but said the council members and the citizens committee, “really liked his background and feel he will be an asset for our community.”

The candidate arrived in Steubenville Friday afternoon and was given a tour of the community by Mucci.

Councilman-at-large Kenny Davis described the final candidate, “as a great guy. He is awesome. His interview with us went very well.”

“I am praying this gentleman accepts our offer and agrees to be our next city manager. I know every member of the citizens committee supported him to be our city manager,” Davis said.

The council members had narrowed the original list of 34 applicants to five finalists and then saw two of the final candidates withdraw their names.

Council eliminated an additional candidate and scheduled the final two finalists for interviews Saturday.

Another applicant notified Metcalf he was withdrawing his name from consideration because of a job offer from another city, leaving the single final candidate.

“We had some really good people who applied for our city manager job but they were hired by other communities. The fact our final candidates were under consideration by other communities tells me we had quality candidates on our final list. The people we were seriously considering were also being considered by other communities,” Metcalf declared.

The search for a new city manager started after former City Manager Cathy Davison resigned from the job in May, ending her 38-month tenure.

The city manager will is responsible for complete operation of a full-service city and all service and safety departments.

According to the city charter, “Once the applicant is chosen, the said applicant must be on the job within 30 days from the date he or she is hired.”

Under the terms of the charter, Mucci is serving as acting city manager until someone is hired for the position.

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