Trinity unveils Barnhouse painting

STEUBENVILLE – Trinity Health System unveiled a commissioned Dave Barnhouse mural Monday afternoon and showed off its new local art gallery on the first floor of Trinity Medical Center West.

According to Fred Brower, Trinity Health System president and chief executive officer, the support of local artists started at St. John Medical Center and Ohio Valley Hospital years ago and has been continued by Trinity Health System.

“I am pleased today to continue that tradition of supporting local artists. Its pleasing to come into the Gill Memorial Lobby and see the works of so many local artists on display. I was walking around another St. Francis facility and noticed a really nice mural and thought, ‘We need a mural at Trinity.’ So we had a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted ceramic mural created for us by Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak of the Order of St. Francis. Today we unveil a commissioned painting by nationally known artist Dave Barnhouse,” announced Brower.

“There is a new look on this floor thanks to a small group of people who planned the rejuvenated look of the first floor. I want to thank Dave Barnhouse for the painting along with our staff and the community for their ongoing support,” said Brower.

“I created a trilogy that includes Trinity East and Trinity West with a collage of both hospitals in the middle. I originally sat down with Dave Nicholson, Dave Arnold and Keith Murdock of Trinity to brainstorm some ideas. It started as a small painting and just kept growing. I started painting the mural before Christmas and continued for about four months before it was completed,” explained Barnhouse before the unveiling ceremony.

“This is my first unveiling. So I am kind of excited. This is thrilling and I’m honored to be part of all of this. I hope the painting has a healing effect on people who come through the hospital,” he added.

That excitement was shared by the approximately 100 people who filled the lobby, snapping photos while waiting for the cloth sheet to be pulled from the painting.

Jeannie D’Anniballe of the Steubenville Art Association said she, “really liked the fact the hospital is bringing attention to the visual arts. And I thank Trinity Health System for for making purchases over the years from our local art shows. The hospital has purchased more than 75 pieces.

Carolyn Glaub of the Center of Music and Art related a story of a woman who came to the center to learn how to paint.

“After she began painting she developed cancer. But she kept painting untill a week before she died. Her sister placed the unfinished painting at the funeral home because her sister was so proud of her work. Painting had changed her sister’s life,” declared Glaub.

Barnhouse selected different people to pose for his Trinity painting including a father and two small children who were walking into Trinity West.

“I liked that look so I took a photo. I never learned the name of that man. So he is in my painting but remains a mystery. I included Tony and Albert Teramana in the painting because the hospital speaks highly of their contributions over the years. I included Michalene and her son, Aiden Mills, for a pose with a doctor. And I used a photograph of Sister Agatha to paint her because she was so important to the beginning of the hospital,” noted Barnhouse.

“I hope this painting will be a blessing to the hospital. I hope my painting will relax people and lower their blood pressure,” stated Barnhouse.

Prints of the painting will be available for purchase through the hospital.

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