Art show celebrates teacher’s influence

WEIRTON – In a letter written in 1992, William Zdinak described Robert Haworth as a teacher with the ability to find “a spark in a student and fanning it into a flame.”

It was the inspiration given by Haworth to his students that was celebrated Saturday at the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center with the fifth-annual Robert Haworth Memorial Art Show.

Zdinak, who died in 1993, was the featured artist, with several pieces of his artwork put on display throughout the afternoon.

The event was started as a way to pay tribute to Haworth and those students he inspired to continue working on their art. Each year a different former student is featured.

“Mr. Haworth was a wonderful, wonderful man,” explained committee member Pam Makricosta, whose mother also was among Haworth’s students.

Zdinak is best known for his artwork “In His Image,” which shows a portrait of Jesus Christ made up of smaller portraits of family, friends and high-profile political, civic and religious leaders.

Other pieces of art on display included portraits of family members and other images inspired by his religion and his time in the military.

Theresa Sabol, Zdinak’s sister, said he began working on his art at a very early age, often doodling as a way to entertain himself.

“He always kept a sketch book with him,” she said.

Yvonne Tuchalski, Zdinak’s great niece, explained while “In His Image” because known around the world, any money earned from it was donated to various charities and church projects, as well as the local parochial schools.

“He never took a profit from it,” Tuchalski said.

Some of Haworth’s own work also was on display, including magazine covers he had illustrated and hand-drawn Christmas cards, which were donated by Pete Rohal.

Other students of Haworth with works on display Saturday included Carol Village, Ben Ray McQuiston, Mary Ann June, Dan Lalich, Harry Ameredes, John A. Francis, Bev Fenske, Lewis Kesling, Helen Makricosta, Matthew Voulgarakis, Herman Capito and Robert L. Watson Jr.

Additional artists included Stephen Glykas, Victor Greco, Mary Shakley Ferguson, Bobby Browne, Shawn Olszewski and Dimitri Akis.

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