Cutting her hair for Locks of Love

STEUBENVILLE – Sometime after 5 p.m. Monday, Judy Manfred will sit down in a special chair at center court at the Fort Steuben Mall, smile at the hairstylist and say, “take it all off down to the scalp.”

Manfred, the owner of Manfred’s Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard and co-chair of the Women In Action Against Cancer Coalition, will be donating her thick hair to Locks of Love and will also create a $50 donation from the mall to the WIAACC.

“Women don’t take care of their own health. They take care of their kids, their husbands or their parents. But they don’t watch their own health. The Women In Action Against Cancer Coalition needs to convince women in our community we are more than hair and breasts and we all need to take care of ourselves. Our group needs more women to get our services through the WIAACC. If we get a woman into our system, then we have you. And we will encourage you on a regular basis to get testing for early detection,” said Manfred.

“My personal biggest fear is losing my hair or my breasts to cancer. So, I am am facing the fear and having all of my hair cut off for the Locks of Love,” announced Manfred.

“For each person who gets their hair cut and donated to the Locks of Love, the Fort Steuben Mall and Trinity Health System will donate $50 to our organization. The only requirement is the donor must have at least 10 inches of hair for the donation. I am planning on having all of my hair cut off and shaved down to the scalp,” declared Manfred.

Manfred said she normally has her hair cut back every four weeks.

“But I have been letting it grow longer this time to give as much hair to the Locks of Love as I can,” Manfred explained.

“As co-chair of our coalition and also being here at the restaurant, I am very visible in the community. And when people see me without hair I want them to ask me why I did this so I can explain our cause. I will be be bald as bald at our wreath ceremony at noon at the mall,” remarked Manfred.

“I don’t want people to think I am sick and lost my hair. I want them to know I faced one of my fears and had it cut off,” she said.

“I don’t know how many women will do this on Monday. But, I am inviting women from throughout the community to join us at the mall Monday from noon to 6 p.m. If you choose to not cut your hair, you can show support for those women who do and support the cause,” added Manfred.

Manfred said hair stylists from Regis, Mastercuts, Merle Norman and J.C. Penney Salon will be at the center court ready to cut some hair.

“Karen Pethtel and Patti Diomendi are my co-chairs for Women In Action. And we are very serious about offering free services to women including a breast exam, cervical exam and a mammogram. I want to see every woman in Jefferson County protected from cancer,” she noted.

“If you have a question please call me at Manfred’s Restaurant at (740) 282-5676 or my personal phone at (740) 264-2710. Don’t hesitate. Call us for information about our services and how you can become part of the Women In Action Against Cancer Coalition,” stated Manfred.

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