Pennsylvania man charged with importuning appears in court

STEUBENVILLE – Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin will meet with federal law enforcement officials today to determine if Brian K. Boone will face federal charges for allegedly arranging a meeting with a juvenile for a sexual encounter.

“I have a meeting with FBI agents to discuss federal charges as opposed to state charges because of the seriousness of this crime,” Hanlin said.

The 49-year-old Imperial, Pa., resident accused of having a sexual encounter with a 13-year-old boy and making arrangements for a second meeting with the teenager was granted a $25,000 bond Tuesday afternoon during an initial court appearance.

Boone of 133 Kearns St., Imperial told Jefferson County Court Judge Joe Corabi he will try to hire an attorney before his scheduled preliminary hearing at 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

“I don’t know if I will be able to find an attorney on time for that hearing,” said Boone.

“In that case make sure the court is made aware that you haven’t found an attorney yet. If you don’t have an attorney you will not be allowed to make an appearance in court,” responded Corabi.

The brief hearing for Booke was held at the Jefferson County Justice Center.

Corabi said the preliminary hearing is set to be held in the County Court in Toronto.

Boone was arrested Sunday afternoon on importuning with a telecommunications device charges.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said his deputies, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents and FBI agents traveled to the suspect’s home in Pennsylvania where they met local law enforcement officials Sunday evening and searched his house for evidence.

“They found quite a bit of pornographic material at his home,” Abdalla stated.

The sheriff said Boone works at a computer business in Imperial.

Abdalla announced the arrest Monday afternoon and said Boone was held in the Jefferson County jail.

“Local criminal charges have been filed so we can hold him here. We are in discussions with the FBI regarding federal charges to make a strong case against this individual,” Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said.

Abdalla said the federal charges, “carry a much stiffer sentence than state charges.”

The sheriff said Boone met the 13-year-old a week ago and the teen immediately told his father who brought him to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department.

“I interviewed the boy and then talked to Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents who were here on another case. They offered their technical expertise and a BCI agent started playing the role of the 13-year-old. The Pennsylvania man contacted the teen again and then traveled to Jefferson County Sunday afternoon where he was met by my deputies, BCI agents and FBI agents,” related Abdalla.

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