Show Saturday at Oglebay Stables

WHEELING – Oglebay Resort and the Bethany College Equestrian Team will host an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Hunt Seat Show Saturday at the Oglebay Stables.

Oglebay and Bethany College entered into a partnership last year to house the college’s off-campus equestrian facilities at the Oglebay Stables. Barn manager Amy McGreal said one of the benefits of the added facilities and space gained by the partnership is the ability to host IHSA competitions.

“The partnership also allowed Bethany to offer expanded service learning activities, internships and experiential learning opportunities, plus training on new equestrian disciplines and an enhanced equestrian facilitated therapy program,” McGreal said.

Rod Haley, vice president of operations for Oglebay, is pleased with the benefits and opportunities the partnership with Bethany provided to area residents, as well as Oglebay guests.

“There have been several improvements at our equine facility and the college’s staff at the stables has continued to provide riding lessons, camps and pony rides.”

McGreal and Coach Kerri Englert have prepared horses and students for the upcoming season. Adviser Amanda B. Stewart, captain and Bethany College student Jake Arbaugh and co-captain Ali Malcanas have been engaged in promotion and student involvement on the Bethany campus for the show.

The event is free to the public, according to McGreal, who said the show is a good opportunity to visit the facility, see the horses and witness collegiate equitation. Oglebay will offer a concession stand.

Horses will begin warming up at 7 a.m. Saturday, followed by a brief coaches’ and captains’ meeting. The show begins at 9 a.m. with the following classes:

Class 1- Walk/Trot Equitation Class 2A- Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter

Class 2B- Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter

Class 3- Novice Equitation on the Flat

Class 4-Novice Equitation Over Fences

Class 5- Intermediate Equitation on the Flat

Class 6- Intermediate Equitation Over Fences

Class 7- Open Equitation on the Flat

Class 8- Open Equitation Over Fences

Class 9- Alumni Equitation on the Flat

Class 10- Alumni Equitation Over Fences

Other teams competing at the show will be West Virginia University, Pennsylvania State University and California University. The IHSA provides collegiate riders of all skills the opportunity to compete individually and as teams in equestrian competition. It was founded on the principle that any college student should be able to participate in horse shows regardless of his or her riding ability or financial status.