City considers Honeywell contract

WEIRTON – Representatives from Honeywell met Wednesday with some members of Weirton City Council in a workshop to discuss a proposal that would encompass a variety of maintenance issues and equipment replacements, including work on the Weirton Municipal Building, Millsop Community Center and the Mary H. Weir Public Library.

A subcommittee was formed by Ward 1 Councilman Ronnie D. Jones, Ward 3 Councilman Fred Marsh and Ward 7 Councilman Terry Weigel. They met with Honeywell representatives Brent VanHoose, Keith Valiquette and Tom Bokeno in August and October to hash out contract terms, and the estimate presented Wednesday was the result of their talks thus far.

The proposed project has an estimated cost of $2.29 million with 3 percent interest over a 15-year time span. It would include new LED traffic lights; new heating and cooling systems, thermostats and a new phone system for the city building; new windows and a boiler at the fire department; new lighting, new steam pool heating and domestic water heating systems for the community center and several other general equipment replacements.

“These are things you have to address at some point,” VanHoose said. “A lot of this equipment is at the end of its life, 20 years old or more.”

According to Bokeno, annual energy savings would be $75,000, guaranteed by Honeywell, and annual operational savings would be around $34,000. The city will have the option of beginning repayment six to 12 months after completion, meaning energy and operational savings would have a chance to accrue before payments start.

“I’m aware of the financial situation and the impact it will have, but is this something we can afford to ignore?” Ward 2 Councilman Chuck Wright asked. “It’s all stuff that has to be done sooner or later. I just think if it needs done, let’s bite the bullet and do it.”

The Park Board meets today, and the possibility of drafting a resolution for the next city council meeting on Dec. 9 hinges in part on that board’s response to the plans.

VanHoose, Valiquette and Bokeno will attend an executive session before that city council meeting to explain the estimate to any board members who were not present at the workshop Wednesday.

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