Faith in the Future holds ninth-annual Prayer Breakfast

STEUBENVILLE – The ninth-annual Faith in Future Prayer Breakfast was held Friday morning at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church on Lover’s Lane.

Prayer Breakfast Co-Chairs Carolyn Glaub and Phyllis Riccadonna greeted guests at the door, while Manfred’s Catering served a variety of warm breakfast foods, coffee and danishes.

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton of the Catholic Diocese of Steubenville gave the blessing, and Rick Custer, senior warden at St. Stephen’s, started the program with an opening welcome on behalf of his church.

Tracy McManamon, Faith in the Future chair, reminded everyone in attendance of the group’s guiding principles including prayer, leadership, encouragement and teamwork.

“The most important thing we’re doing is praying every day for economic development in our area,” he said.

After committee member Mike Florak read a passage of Scripture, the Rev. Ashley Steele was introduced as the keynote speaker.

Steele, the executive director of Urban Mission Ministries, spoke about the definition of “greatness.” In today’s world many people believe greatness means “success,” but the Bible has another definition for it.

“Greatness is found in serving others. Greatness is self-sacrifice,” she said.

She told the story from the Bible in which Jesus washed his disciples’ feet to make such a point, and she encouraged her audience to strive for “a lifestyle of service and love,” which often means being willing to “get your hands dirty” for the sake of others. Each guest received a wash cloth, meant to be a symbolic reminder of that idea.

Pastor Gary Hallberg from Word of Life Church offered special blessings on community leaders, and everyone read a prayer for economic development out loud in unison before the closing song.

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